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Agenda Anunnaki 2012- ingês - 1 parte


THE ANUNNAKI REPTILIAN AGENDA 2011 to 2012significant information of an ATTACK being executed today via SOUND vibrational patterns & frequencies resulting in what Jordan Maxwell has been claiming is a deliberate “Scientific Mutation of the Human Race”; real factual accounts of 1000’s of personal experiences with these “beings”, information about their capabilities & limitations, an abundance of circumstantial factual evidence to support these claims along with precise details on the biological symptoms of onset, the dark “forces” behind it, as well as the scientific method in which this is being invoked. Yes as crazy as it sounds it’s all here.

LISTEN CAREFULLY – I fully understand what I’m about to say will sound completely ludicrous & simply not possible. I fully understand that despite my utmost of conviction & compassion, compelled to simply follow my heart & do what is right I will continue to subject myself to mass ridicule & extreme personal/professional scrutiny; however the simple fact of the matter is that I have made a discovery, far-fetched & startling as it may be; and what is truly remarkable is that I am only bringing some very important pieces to the table in what I’ve learned is an extremely complex & far-reaching puzzle.

At a minimum it is critical you simply take the time to read the initial 22 FAQ’s I’ve compiled below as it could be the most important thing you will ever read. And in the end whether you buy what I’m about to say or not it is indeed the truth & it is extremely important you simply remember this information to call upon when the time comes. As stated months ago I am without a doubt the claims that folks like Jordan Maxwell have been claiming for almost a decade about an intent to “mutate” the human race is not only very real but it is happening now – in this very moment within human history. I really need you all to please keep an open mind & open heart & awaken to the reality of what is transpiring regardless of how ridiculous it may seem. Simply look at the facts as I’m about to present a mountain of them in which they will all point to the same conclusion. I need to stress that I would never put myself out there like this, subjecting myself to ridicule, personal & professional criticism, while creating unnecessary cause for concern unless I was 100% sure of what is transpiring. I was 100% sure back in May & every day that passes just reinforces this even more.

How could it be that I, someone with an MBA/MSMIS rapidly climbing the ranks of upper management within one of the largest internet companies of the world, have come to such remarkable & admittedly "ridiculous" conclusions? Simply put I have undergone a very real & extraordinary series of events which led to a massive swarming by paranormal entities, an all-out assault via sound & presumably EMF's, and somewhat rapid manifestation of these changes in which I presume the onset has been much more gradual in others. Had these events not happened who knows if I would have ever picked up on the changes myself. Also just following the logic there is a cause & effect here -- assaulted by sound & manifesting biological change. After being exposed to these frequencies in such an intense fashion I have been able to recognize the patterns resonating all throughout our environment -- from electrical/mechanical devices, to synthesized sounds in all forms of media, motorized vehicles, appliances -- you name it. Planted throughout our environment for decades; escalated & manipulated today without any public conscious awareness.

I need to summarize the primary symptoms as they are becoming more & more prominent out in public by the day. Just look around you and baseline yourselves for changes to skin texture (leathery, water resistant, puffy, freckle-like appearance), unnatural growth in teeth with fang-like protrusions, slight bulges in the suture areas of the skull (i.e. vertical ridge from the outer brow up to the hairline). These seem much more pronounced in males, elderly, & I have confirmed 2 of these for myself medically. It is also more or less confirmed that the catalyst to invoke these biological changes are indeed frequencies that have been engineered & planted throughout modern-day society. If you think about it just about all of the frequencies we are exposed to, audible or not, are ones that do not occur at these levels naturally; & in relation to EMF's & microwaves swarming around us in this mobile 3g, 4g, wireless world we live in they simply have not been present long enough for us to truly know the effects on our bodies. Well now we do know.

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1. What the heck led you to conclude that some otherworldly race of beings is not only present in our world but that they are a principal force in guiding the fate of humanity?

a. I suppose only when these “otherworldly” beings presented themselves in my face in the 100’s if not 1,000’s back in May during which they manifested in our reality via leveraging a human host (which I’ll get into more later) did I begin to accept that we are truly not alone in this world. Looking back on my experiences I now realize that these entities have been targeting me for quite some time – at least a decade in which their primary interest was to lure me into certain behaviors & beliefs all centered around obsession, fear, and “judgment”. I can say without a doubt that they have been manipulating my reality for at least a decade (going back to my first encounters with them) & can only speculate that they have been a presence in this world for much longer - but that seems to make a hell of a lot more sense than these “things” just randomly making an appearance on this earth 10 years ago.

2. What do you think these entities are & where do you think they come from?

a. I can only speculate but based upon historical accounts of entities influencing this world I’d say they represent Reptilian, Anunnaki, Demons, and Djiin all wrapped up into one. They seem to demonstrate both a physical & a supernatural/energetic characteristics & certainly have shown capability well beyond what I would consider within the realm of humankind. In the end what sort of label is put on these entities isn’t nearly as important as simply recognizing what they represent. Here is what I can state based upon personal experience:

i. These entities can manifest in our reality by leveraging the essence of a human host. I know this is a startling concept but think of it in terms of a human body or vessel being a “biological computer” of sorts. What I have witnessed on literally 1,000’s of occasions is that these entities can project their consciousness into a human biological vessel in which they can share that vessels 5-senses to observe, use their advanced capability to manipulate an environment / subject, and most startling take control of a host for a short-period of time. Now when they manifest themselves in our reality in such a fashion they demonstrate very noticeable & striking physical characteristics in an “ethereal” sense. It’s like the human host is the primary form of presence but that hidden behind in a transparent fashion is this other entity; however for whatever reason they cannot hide their presence entirely upon which the most striking physical characteristic is in the eyes. It’s sort of like a glossy-black window in which the eyes have an eerie, emotionless gaze. The pupils either become extremely dilated or the eyes demonstrate a darker appearance. In addition the pupil always seems to be shifting shape – like it’s in a bit of a constant motion as opposed to be sitting circular & still at the center of the eye.

ii. Another rather odd characteristic is that maneuvers of the tongue become rather prevalent. Yes licking of the lips extensively is a characteristic but even sticking out the tongue for no rhyme or reason happens frequently. Now the licking of the lips seems to primarily be in the form of a side-to-side motion. It’s like they cannot help but do this repeatedly. Also there is repetitive blinking of the eyes – like double/triple blinks & at a much more frequent pace. I’ve also noticed that posture of people changes to a much more upright & formal position as opposed to casual.

iii. Also these entities have the capability to manipulate electrical/mechanical products in real-time. This can be as straight forward as manipulating content on a web-page, causing a device to turn on/off, causing financial transactions to fail (i.e. purchase attempts online), enhancing lighting to become brighter & generate a perceived “halo” effect, to most striking manipulating a television broadcast in real-time. Yes this takes some imagination but I’ve experienced this way too many times to ignore. This can be as simple as manipulating background sounds/music, plugging in subliminal messages, manipulating commercials for an intended target, and most profoundly staging an entire broadcast of a show/event for a particular target. Now how these entities can perform this is way beyond my comprehension, but they can.

iv. They seem to be deeply knowledgeable in how to manipulate humans including hypnotic/subliminal suggestion & leveraging their energetic capabilities to burst either euphoric or dark/constricting sensations in a subject (typically to facilitate a form of manipulation) and how to layer these to really drill a subject into a particular desired state, generally aimed around sexual impulse, fear, paranoia, or some other “trigger” based behavior. Imagine them plotting out a path for you and every step you take in their intended direction they burst you positively, and negatively if you start going down another path. They can do this incrementally layering say 7-8 bursts on top of each other. They can even manipulate by planting keywords around a subject, just as a hypnotist can do, to invoke a certain behavioral or emotional response.

v. I’d say that all of this implies that these “things” know exactly what they are doing; they have perfected this over many many years, and have deliberately held a hand in setting the stage for global manipulation at its finest.

vi. In regards to where they come from – well I haven’t really the faintest idea. I will say that above all they seem to want to keep their entire existence a secret, using various manipulation techniques particularly under the guise of the many forms of religion out there, and will do whatever they can to direct a subject (i.e. me) towards a deflective path. In fact I’d say it’s entirely likely that these entities have planted various “alternative” means of interpreting their existence upon mankind for millennia – all in the spirit of keeping the true nature of their existence a secret. I can’t say for certain whether I’ve encountered any of these entities in physical form although I have strong speculation that I indeed not only had plenty of face time with one but that I actually have the entire event recorded on video. It’s speculation but this “person” demonstrated many of the characteristics of those documented by others as of “reptilian”.

3. How many encounters have you had with these entities & when was your first encounter?

a. So only in May did my encounters with these beings increase exponentially. Of course this was around the time I began to not only start speculating of their existence but of their intent to somehow invoke biological change on humanity (which I’ll get into later). However once they presented themselves to me in the 100’s if not 1,000’s on a daily basis the only thing I could really relate it to at first were the 15 or so “episodes” I had over the past decade that I would classify as frightening/paranormal but I had never been able to quite make sense of what those episodes were. I generally chalked them up to perhaps a “dramatic misinterpretation” on my part but now I fully know these entities played a part in all of those episodes –primarily due to the physical anomalies that were always present in others when these had occurred. So yes I have been targeted by these beings in a devious fashion for a decade or longer with their sole intent into manipulating me towards obsessive behavior, what I presume was some form of hypnotic suggestion, with the later years centering around a false sense of being at risk of a cardiac issue (they blasted me with negative constricting energy in the chest on multiple occasions); and in this fear of “dying” they pushed heavily for me to interpret that my soul was being judge or that I was in some sort of purgatory state. I’m not entirely sure why they did this so aggressively although it’s quite possible they had singled me out to be manipulated into interpreting these coming of events, genetic changes & all, as some sort of religious event in which I may have been desired to be used a prophet of sorts – well a false one at that.

b. As soon as I started breaking away from their grasp things started to intensify significantly. Now as much credit as I’d like to single-handedly take for being able to break free of their manipulation I must say that over a period of 6-months I absolutely had channeled my beliefs, faith, consciousness, and asked for angelic aid in my pursuit of this; and I have no doubt that these were not only heard but that they were responded to. I have numerous episodes in which I was provided powerful guidance to break free of this manipulation being put upon me. This also coincided with me starting to recognize all of the subliminal “mind control” crap that was being directed towards me – various ‘trigger’ words, whisper tones, even electronic-type harassment in which I firmly believe has contributed to me being a chronic/daily headache sufferer for the past 10 years, coincidentally which began the same timeframe as my initial encounters with these entities. I also began to notice all sorts of anomalies on my television broadcasts – so much so that I decided I would record a bit of an extremely odd sequence on my phone. I had no idea that this event was going to be a catalyst for extreme paranormal, aggressive reaction by these entities. In short it was this event that led to me being swarmed by these entities basically 24/7 – in the office, out in public, when traveling, etc. which started in May and pretty much hasn’t stopped. However it is purely from their reaction towards me & relentless pursuit that I have obtained all of the information that I have. Had they not swarmed me in so many ways I likely would have never even become aware of their existence, nor the manipulations they were performing on me, nor the subsequent “attack” with sound & other frequencies, nor the genetic manipulation that is taking place. I suppose the whole experience has been about the most profoundly ironic experience of many lifetimes. It has been as though we’ve been following a most remarkable script in which the irony, coincidences, & synchronicity has been set forth by a divine hand. I mean there is no way I of all people should have been able to uncover such a deep & twisted plot. Well I should rephrase - I did uncover it thus it was meant to be.

4. What was the first thing that led you believe that we as a species are undergoing physical changes?

a. Well interestingly enough I have been a habitual nail-biter since childhood and the first thing I started noticing was that an extra layer of skin seemed to be forming around my fingertips. I didn’t think much of it at the time but it was resulting in a bit of “puffiness” as well as slightly diminished sense of touch. The next thing I noticed was that a ridge in one of the suture areas of the skull was deepening a bit. Now these were noticed well before any paranormal experience began – I’d say in Jan/Feb of this year. I had mentioned the suture deepening to a colleague at the time with my only concern being that because I was a chronic headache sufferer I may want to get it checked out.

b. Now fast-forward to May when the extreme paranormal began to surface. As these entities began to swarm me I somehow was able to sort of block them out & continue to fulfill all of my professional & personal obligations, thus they didn’t realize I had such attunement to their presence. In fact they even commented to each other on one occasion “do you think he knows”? “No he’s too chatty”. Now I can only presume that this question was about whether I knew they were manifesting off of the human hosts. Also it should be noted that this is absolutely a limitation I have witnessed on 100’s of occasions – that these entities rely on verbal/non-verbal communication to interact when manifesting in this “ethereal” method. Many times would they make comments about a designed manipulation, tactics, comments about my personal state, etc right in front of me. They would also use hang-gestures as well to communicate signals – very compelling that they are limited to this means of communication. Now I suspect they were a little “careless” since they didn’t realize I had copped on, but for say a month straight they monitored my every action and of course I was trying to decipher what the heck was going on while outlining precisely the physical symptoms they demonstrated as mentioned earlier. However in doing this I also began to notice distinct physical characteristics in the people around me – namely that the bottom teeth of the majority of folks, again mostly males, seemed to crowd in which to 2 next to the front bottom were angling towards the back of the mouth. I also began noticing that the suture areas of the skull, again in males, seemed to either be deepening or bulging ever so slightly. Now again I was only taking notice of this as I was trying to outline what exactly I was seeing when these entities were residing within them. At the time I didn’t know whether these were physical characteristics or ethereal characteristics.

c. So herein began the assault via sound. I’ll get into more of those details later but a few weeks into it the first thing I noticed was that I had developed new vein structure in the wrist area of my right forearm. These veins were in a striated pattern - almost like a spider wed & very close to the surface of the skin. Now this was only in my right arm, and on top of that I noticed that while taking a shower the water on my right arm, wrist, and hand would stream off as though it were coated in oil – totally different from my left arm. As I continued to let the water flow I noticed that my right hand was no longer absorbing water & “pruning” as my left one was. Now this was the first symptom I showed to a colleague in which she noticed that my right arm had a much more “puffy” appearance than my left. Again this leads to strong speculation that there are indeed changes to both vein & skin structure, as first indicated when I noticed what appeared to be an “extra” layer of thin skin, presumably fatty/oily as it maintained water-resistance, forming in the fingers of my right hand.

d. Now I wasn’t sure what to make of all of this but as I continued base-lining myself for changes 2 of the things I monitored closely were the suture areas of my skull & teeth formation. About 3 weeks into the assault with sound I noticed that the suture area on the right side of my forehead – the vertical ridge from the outer eye brow up to the hairline started to bulge. Now this was entirely inconsistent with how this had been defined my entire life & was no longer in symmetry with the left side. Also remember this is the exact same symptom I noticed manifesting in others. Now this bulge wouldn’t necessarily be openly visible however it was clear as day to the touch – particularly to someone who has endured chronic headaches& is familiar with every nook & cranny of his forehead. Of note I subsequently had an MRI of my cranium performed in June which clearly indicates change in the precise place I had indicated. Not only that but since June the bulging has become much more pronounced particularly on the left side of my forehead – thus if I were to have another scan performed it would show even more change in a very short period of time.

e. Now I had been wearing an Invisalign retainer on my bottom teeth for about 6 months – a guard in which the design retained the alignment of my teeth. About the same time I woke up one morning and my bottom teeth hurt like heck. Upon further inspection I noticed the guard I had been wearing not only didn’t fit, but it wasn’t even close. I mean these Invisalign retainers mold perfectly to your teeth, and upon inspection is was entirely obvious that not only did I exhibit unnatural growth in both my top & bottom teeth, but that this growth was indeed starting to cause my bottom front teeth to bunch together in which the 2 adjacent to the forefront teeth were getting pressured into angling towards the back of the mouth. Why did I experience pain in my teeth? Well the guard I had been wearing was to keep the front bottom teeth in place thus there was quite a bit of conflict going on. I also noticed that one of the gold crowns I had in one of my back molars started to have 2 spear-like projections on the surface – as though the tooth underneath the crown was growing resulting in upward pressure & reformation of the malleable crown.

f. Waking up one morning & observing these changes was quite a shock. Now remember I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret these very same changes I was observing in others. Now it pretty much was conclusive – if I was experiencing physical change then there was strong likelihood that I was not alone.

g. Now presumably I have quite a resistance to the frequency/ear stimulating effects as I only manifested change after being doused with these intensely however here are some more symptoms I have noticed in others (elderly seem most impacted which would make sense as their ears may be the most sensitive/damaged):

i. Scaly texture to skin & freckle-like appearance – particularly on the tops of hands

ii. Much more pronounced vein structure on hands & feet

iii. The puffy appearance of skin on the forehead causing the wrinkles to deepen a bit

iv. Vein structure more pronounced in the temple areas – presumably due to the structural changes of the cranium & skin

5. Why do you feel this is widespread as opposed to simply a personal experience?

a. Again I had noticed the same anomalies manifesting in others say a month before they manifested in myself. To me this is strong indication that these changes are affecting a much larger population than just me. On top of that I was assaulted with sound & other frequencies. This is strong indication that these are indeed the catalyst for these changes in which everyone would be susceptible to the influence of these sounds planted throughout our environment. Also what would be the point of simply targeting one individual? If anything this would simply risk exposing any subsequent plans towards the mass population. However I should state that although I have visually observed these same anomalies &patterns now in 1,000’s of people I cannot say for certain that they are indeed changing as I’m simply not them, but we cannot overlook what makes the most logical sense and that this is indeed on a mass scale.

b. Now I have no idea if it is affecting every single person out there. I will say that more often than not do I notice these physical symptoms manifesting in others – much more prominently in males. I have no idea if there are other factors (i.e. vaccines, immunizations, etc). However everyone has ears & everyone is being exposed to what I would consider as this “radiation” thus I wouldn’t rule out that this is affecting everyone.

6. What led you to conclude that one of the primary catalysts to invoke this mutation is sound/frequencies?

a. Well in short a large part of my paranormal experience involved an intense bombardment of sound of all things. Now you have to wonder why in the world would sound be something that is used against someone? Now this wasn’t just any old sound – it consisted of either loud/violent vibrational events (i.e. non-stop ridiculously loud muffler blasts) or high-pitched frequencies. I’ll elaborate more but the end result was that after about 30 days of this I manifested biological change. Sure seems like that answers the question as to “why sound”; but let me elaborate more.

b. Television – the first thing I started noticing say a couple of months prior to my experience was that there seemed to be distinct sound patterns embedded in television broadcasts. Let’s take one example which I dub “hissing speech”. It is almost like certain pronunciations are amplified intentionally to add a bit of a hissing resonance, particularly in the ssss tttt pssst. Just listen to the television & you’ll see. Well I didn’t think much of this at the time but as you’ll see it will become very relevant. I also started noticing the same high-pitched chimes, bird tweets on just about every broadcast – just extreme commonality & patterns. Of course this was couple by other visual anomalies I was noticing in many of the people being broadcast but there are plenty of other people posting about that on YouTube.

c. Sound resonation in my home – as my paranormal experience started to escalate I noticed that the resonation of sound from within my own home – a new high-pitched squeal coming from my refrigerator which mapped precisely to the same high-pitched “chirping” coming from my air filter, and the same from my water heater, and clicking sounds from my furnace. Now again nothing extremely alarming at the time but this was even picked up on by friends unprompted. It’s like the sound level from inside my home went up a few notches for no reason.

d. Non-stop barrage of spastic “birds” – now this is going to sound extremely odd but I’ve lived in my home for 10 years and have never encountered such an event in my life. About a week or so into my experience I started noticing non-stop chatter of birds, and when I say chatter I mean like an amazon jungle. This took place literally non-stop, no breaks, starting at say 4am and ending until midnight. Now it seems innocent enough but this was extraordinarily odd as these bird calls were frantic, spastic, extremely piercing in which they woke me up numerous times throughout the night, and entirely seemed to be centered around my house. Literally it would be a perimeter of bird-calls that would dissipate as soon as I would pull out of my driveway. These bird calls at this level & intensity were nowhere near present in the area outside of my home. A first with all of the paranormal stuff going on I wasn’t sure if these birds were trying to tell me something or what. Soon you will see why this is extremely relevant.

e. Odd frequencies omitting throughout the night – now I’m not entirely sure what to chalk this up to but basically along with the birds were other sounds channeled towards my home that I simply haven’t observed before. These were mostly in the form of faint high-pitched tones – similar to the faint sound of a tornado siren or something, but higher pitched. This again started abruptly and lasted throughout the duration of my experience.

f. Planes & automobiles – let’s talk about the motor vehicles first. Now imagine heading off from a suburb to downtown & having multiple vehicles pull alongside you for no apparent reason other than to expose you to violently loud muffler blasts. Imagine almost being sideswiped by a motorcycle which intentionally pulled up alongside just to blast the loudest muffler blast you’ve ever heard at you. This was so startling & loud I decided to record it with my phone. Imagine then pulling into a gas station only to have vehicle after vehicle drive up to you blasting violently loud sounds at you. You get to your destination and are now so confident that this is being aimed at you that you are able to predict as soon as you show your fact on the street multiple vehicles would present themselves seemingly intent on exposing violently loud sounds – 4 in a span of 5 min. But it gets much more interesting. On the way home you hear extremely high-pitched ringing that gets louder as you start approaching a semi-truck. I mean you could hear this tone from a mile away and it became piercingly loud once alongside it. So you move past it and as the sound fades on that one you hear another one but it must be way ahead. So this time you take your phone out to record it (which I did) and again as I got closer to another semi it was radiating high-pitched sounds directed at me.

g. Ok bizarre but this is just one evening. So onto the next day where not only does the exact same thing happen but it is more intense. We’re talking everywhere I went, non-stop obvious targeting with either loud vibrational blasts or high-pitched tones. There was even an occasion where on the highway I was enclosed on both sides getting this. Now I have recorded much of it with my phone – only audio at first but it’s there. Now this went on for maybe 10 days straight before I finally had enough of it & went public with what was transpiring.

h. Let’s talk airplanes now. For reasons that now make sense along with the birds, sirens, vibrational blasts, came an onslaught of airplanes flying at extremely low altitude over my house about 24/7. I mean I live a few miles from a small airport but never have I observed any traffic my way let alone non-stop. These flights were every 30 min even in the early morning hours. I have much of this recorded – we’re talking flights at 1am, 130am, 2am, 230am, etc that started out of nowhere and magically coincide with all of this other crap. In addition as my speculations grew stronger with regard to these genetic changes about 2 weeks before I finally went public I started seeing military over my head throughout the city non-stop, each craft always performing a typical circling maneuver and flying at extremely low altitude. In addition some sort of military operation commenced that involved multiple aircraft, surveillance & otherwise, fly out to the west part of the city, screech directly over my house at ridiculously low altitude, circle, and return 30 min later. I mean we’re talking 20-30 fly-by’s over my house in this fashion in a single day starting at 8am and lasting till 4am – sometimes 24 hours straight. Now I have maybe 200 of these recorded - it is so over the top & ridiculous I’m not sure what to think of it. Also these military would do the same thing wherever I was located throughout the city. Now you can chalk this up to coincidence or training missions – I’ll provide you with my speculation around why this was happening later. Btw these military missions went on daily/hourly for 3 months straight throughout my entire experience.

i. Bombarded in public everywhere by “ghosts” – ok so imagine walking into a shop like Walgreens which you have gone to for 10 years & suddenly every time you walk in the door you get a loud buzzer blasted at you. Same when you check out. Now it’s only happening to you mind you. Same thing with alarms, sirens, etc. – and we’re talking everywhere you go, only you. Again without the other data points maybe this doesn’t seem relevant but this was so frequent & so odd I could predict it every time thus I have many of these experiences recorded. On many occasions employees are baffled why such high-pitched tones are blasting out of their intercom – one even commenting that perhaps it was a ghost. I hope this puts it into perspective as this happened on a 100 occasions – any opportunity to hit me with “sound” it happened. I also noticed when these sounds started resonating out in public on a mass scale – retail outlets, shopping malls, public transportation – you name it. This was back in May as though this is being set-forth in a planned gradual fashion.

j. Homedics device & earplugs – so these sounds after about a month became so annoying I decided I was going to mitigate by doing 2 things – sleeping with earplugs and using an old Homedics sound device that I purchased maybe 10 years ago which can help “wash out” noise. Now this is one of those events that can be dubbed synchronicity as I’m not even sure why I kept this sound device, but as I plugged it in and started opting through the various sound effects, white noise, etc, I came across one that gave me shivers. It was a nature theme and to my utter shock the synthesized bird-tweets were the exact same pattern & frequency as the birds that suddenly took habitat around my house and were blasting me. Now you could call this an epiphany but keep in mind at this point I had already accepted the fact that these “entities” existed, I already recognized that they for whatever reason were deliberately targeting me with sound, and here are bird-calls planted in an electronic device that mirror what I was being exposed to in a paranormal sense. My conclusion then & now is that these deliberately engineered frequencies & patterns have been planted throughout our society in all sorts of ways for decades, not only to entirely desensitize our awareness to them but so that they could be escalated & manipulated throughout our environment with more devious intent, as is what is happening at this very moment.

k. With regard to the earplugs one thing that was immediately noticeable upon putting them in was that despite being in complete silence there was a constant high-pitched ringing with mild beeps that matched precisely to the frequencies & patterns I’ve noticed resonating throughout our environment. Now I didn’t know what to think of it at the time but my thought then was that this constant resonation was effecting us subconsciously pretty much 24/7. I still feel the same – it’s a deliberate scheme to traumatize the ears such that they generate these frequencies & beeps on their own. It’s a form of tinnitus in which once the ears are subjected to intense patters, loud noises, high-frequencies over time they begin to generate these same electrical impulses on their own upon which somehow these “electrical impulses” are triggering biological change.

l. Chemtrails, EMF’s & microwaves – So about 6 weeks into my experience & after I went public with my speculations I began noticing craft that I had never seen before overhead. Now they just didn’t seem right – small white dots with very long streams behind them. Now this took place for a solid 2 weeks daily over my home & other places where I was residing within the city. My suspicions about these phenomena didn’t come to full-fledge until these craft/streams continued to appear over my head daily even while traveling overseas. Now these craft straight up look out of place, they hardly have any definition of a physical craft, and they spew out very long streams into the air. Now what sealed the deal for me about these phenomena was while traveling across France attending a reception out in the middle of the country – literally the middle of nowhere as soon as the outdoor reception commenced about 50 of these craft came out of nowhere and littered the skies with these sheets of white streams. Now I have taken photos/videos of this entire event. These continued to be overhead daily, across to Bordeaux, to Paris, to Dublin, back to Omaha – and we’re talking in the 100’s daily. Now these streams also had a very unique characteristic where they refracted bright pink/orange at sun fall. Well upon doing some research I have become familiar with the theories around chemtrails and these absolutely meet the criteria of what others have been claiming. About 4 weeks into these daily bombardments spanning 3 different countries a new phenomenon started to appear – and that is these streams began to manifest from a central location on the ground, spewing up into the skies and blanketing a targeted area which of course happened to be directly overhead. Now can I confirm that these indeed are chemical agents and not clouds? – no, but I have taken water samples as well as shot an enormous amount of footage in which these streams demonstrate the exact same characteristics in refracting illuminating pink/orange at sun fall. On top of that I was told before I had my suspicions about this in a very profound manner that these streams were now “coming from the mountain” – it is what led me to investigate these phenomena further.

m. So why chemtrails? Well my immediate speculation was that these agents can contribute to some health related complications and they certainly may, but the pink/orange refracting of sunlight led me to believe that these were likely crystalline metallic in substance. This along with the fact that many others have speculated that these agents enhance the frequency effect of microwave/RF radiation and there is your answer. Now one of the symptoms I noticed immediately after these bombardments over the sky was that there would be a subsequent pressure-sensation in the ears accompanied by a faint ringing with mild beeps. Wow what a coincidence – these are the same symptoms as being exposed to loud noises or varying frequencies. It is my belief that these coordinated efforts all are intended to accomplish one thing – to either expose people to various frequencies or induce trauma to the ear in which these frequencies/electrical impulses will generate on their own in the form of tinnitus & microwave/RF hearing.

n. Locusts, crickets, other sounds of “insects” – now again I’m not even going to speculate on how this is being accomplished but it’s almost as if sounds of “nature” have been planted throughout our environment in which they are generating a piercing “white noise” effect, namely masked in sounds of cicadas or crickets – in fact they very well could be actual sounds of cicadas or crickets although to me they sound much more piercing and leave a very long resonation of sound in the ear. In my opinion these sounds are just another contributor to cause over-stimulation and/or trauma to the ear, generate a deliberate form of tinnitus which will cause the resonation of various frequencies/beeps/electrical impulses – in which an overwhelming amount of “pieces” point to this as the precise “trigger” to invoke this genetic change on the masses. Another aspect to the sounds of “nature” being a contributor is that they would escalate in volume level & change pattern around my presence (which I have recorded), they would stop as soon as it was detected that I was recording them, they setup a perimeter around my home initially, and these “piercing/stimulating” sounds can be setup widespread to blast away without any suspicion or conscious awareness.

o. If you approach it from a devious/inventive/advanced-capability perspective all of these observations do connect. Just go with me here – if you wanted to leverage frequencies & electrical impulses in the ear as a catalyst what would the primary delivery mechanisms be?

i. Television – the “hissing” sound is very similar to the piercing “cicadas” observed outside presumably contributing to over-stimulation of the ear & mild tinnitus. The frequency “tweets” & pitches can be embedded anywhere in sound-effects, live-sporting broadcasts (i.e. planted whistle tones), background music, etc. Television is a primary means of delivery & it extends to all forms of media on the internet, mobile devices, video games, music, etc.

ii. Nature – ok yes this one requires a stretch of the imagination but if you were an “advanced” hand wanting to execute something like this wouldn’t this be the next best thing to television? I mean these can be planted pretty much anywhere in the world without suspicion & resonate subconsciously even throughout sleeping hours (i.e. crickets). Cicadas – over-stimulating the ear; birds & crickets – same thing while contributing to the precise intended frequency range

iii. Frequencies & patterns in electrical/mechanical/motorized devices – again everyone uses them and once you pick-up on the secondary high-pitched undertones you will begin to consciously be aware of their presence everywhere

iv. Frequencies/patterns in synthesized sounds & music – this is becoming more obvious by the day. Most every commercial I see, movie I watch, television broadcast these are buried everywhere, including the exact sounds of “nature” observed prior

v. Loud-vibrational blasts (i.e. mufflers blasts) – can overstimulate the ear leading to tinnitus which results in the ear generating on it’s own the same electrical impulses as these frequencies generate

vi. Plant all of these anywhere people would congregate – public places, various means of transportation, etc – just as I have observed

vii. EMF’s, RF’s – well we are living in a cesspool of this radiation in this mobile world we live in & how could we truly understand the long-term effects when this wireless technology hasn’t been around at these levels for much more than a decade. Also you have speculative programs like HAARP in which if I had to guess this can be used in conjunction with chemtrails to deliver a dose of these frequencies to any particular area. The result in what is known as a “microwave hearing” effect, essentially generating pulses in the ear at a specific frequency range which to me sounds the exact same as tinnitus, which sounds extremely similar to crickets, which sounds the same as the undertones in appliances, synthesized sounds, etc.

p. The “noise” assault runs deep. Even things like the vibrational resonance in plumbing/piping, hair/hand dryers, vacuums, cash registers, synthesized sounds in children’s toys, fans, “clicks” of a hard-drive, ringers of a phone, sirens of police/fire, car alarms, wind chimes, frequency resonance from cars/trucks/semis on the highway, sounds from an ATM machine, video games, synthesized “birds” always blasting in the background of children’s programs on the tele, sounds embedded in all forms of music, tuned-whistling overlaid in sporting events - you name it. We’re talking every opportunity to place these deliberately tuned patterns in our modern-day society requiring a century of planning & execution. These are being escalated & manipulated in which the frequencies are contributing but also invoking / traumatizing the ears to generate the electrical impulses on their own in the form of tinnitus 24/7. In tinnitus & RF hearing these frequencies are resonating subconsciously ever so slightly but can be detected when plugging the ears.

q. Think of it as a collective assault – one that took decades to implement in which now these sound patterns, frequencies, EMF’s/RF’s are being escalated & manipulated without any suspicion or public conscious awareness. We’re literally exposed to engineered vibrational patterns & frequencies 24/7 yet who is going to conclude that specific sound patterns are a threat? Sound, but more specifically unique & deliberate frequencies & patterns, truly are the perfect weapon as it’s one that can be incrementally planted throughout modern-day society in which the intended targets will use upon themselves & each other unknowingly. In fact I can’t think of a much better method to invoke this transformation in a gradual fashion on a global scale. This plot is as ingenious as it is devious.

7. Why do you feel that the human race is being genetically modified – scientifically mutated so to speak?

a. Well that is a good question. I can say that because this must have been planned for many years – literally a century to implement with the coming of modern-day mechanics, electronics, and mobile technology, along with the fact that it’s being conducted entirely in secrecy is a strong indication that this is certainly not for the benefit of humanity. I mean to covertly interfere with the progression of the human race at a genetic level?....seems pretty dang devious to me. Now I have to put a lot of weight into what others have been saying for quite some time now about a deliberate scientific mutation of humanity; folks like Jordan Maxwell. I mean after all he pegged this as early as 2003 and pretty much got the entire thing right – from an “otherworldly” presence manipulating humanity, to a scientific means of genetically altering the human race. Now he came to this conclusion based upon 50 years of research in the field of history, astrology, theology, the occult, law, secret societies, and his conclusion was that the human race was being deliberately mutated into some sort of sub-species to facilitate the overall goals of eugenics – that is to separate out human species into an elitist group & “slave” oriented group. I have no way to validate whether or not this is the intent but it sure seems to make as much sense as any. I mean physical changes is one thing, but that is just what is transpiring on the surface & who knows what other genetic changes are being introduced which could affect the core “spirit” of the human race. Bottom line is if this were at all positive I can’t see why it would be executed in such a covert manner. Also if this were positive why would someone like me who has profoundly uncovered what is happening be responded to with such aggression, suppression, & intimidation? Also there is no way that someone in my position should be one of the few & first to uncover & communicate such a plot which tells me that the many hands involved in executing this are doing whatever they can to keep this from the public eye.

8. Why do you suppose this is being executed now - this particular moment in time?

a. Well my immediate thought is that it simply couldn’t have been performed until now. Leveraging sound, vibrational patterns and other frequencies as the catalyst you would need to incrementally introduce these in a mass way across society. This would take delicate planning & patience. I’d say in the last 15 years with the introduction of mobile/wireless technology, the internet, mass entertainment & delivery of that entertainment, devices, etc. hug leaps have been made in preparation for executing this. I mean we live in a cesspool of radiation – sound, EMF’s, microwaves, RF’s, etc. of the likes humanity has never seen before. How could anyone truly know the implications these collective forms of radiation could have on our bodies? Well now we know.

b. Also if you think about it not only would you need to enable the infrastructure & means to coordinate this “attack” but you would need to above anything else ensure that it would go unnoticed. There are plenty of folks out there who have been preaching about the deliberate “dumbing down” of society, the deliberate destruction of the human spirit, addictions to ADD-quick hit forms of entertainment, etc. This is a culmination of 100’s if not 1,000’s of years of planning. I don’t find it coincidence that this is all taking place during the “mysticism” & potential fears around 2012. Perhaps this is being timed with some greater event. What’s important is that it is happening now in our lifetime, period, and we need to be prepared for it.

c. I mean one thing these entities would have never suspected was that so many details of their plot would be uncovered so early. This is ultimately why I have been such a person of interest – it’s not me per se but it’s the truth & knowledge that I hold.

9. Why is it do you suppose that the vast majority if not everyone else is entirely oblivious to these changes? I mean after all this is affecting the masses correct?

a. I have pondered this one many times. For starters people are not meant to know. Great strides appear to have been taken so that people would not recognize what is transpiring - to completely eliminate humanity’s connection with our distant past; same can be said about the knowledge held by our ancient ancestors with regard to astro-theology & our broader understanding of consciousness & spirituality. This has all been by design; however on top of that there are a couple of extremely unique circumstances that led me to uncovering this. First off was the paranormal experience – now how many people out there have had the “benefit” of being introduced to an armada of otherworldly entities? I mean once this experience took place my openness to possibilities grew tremendously. Also remember I was exposed to an extremely high-dose of these sounds/frequencies in which the onset of my changes were presumably much more rapid than what is occurring in the masses. So whereas it may have taken folks years to develop the same anomalies as me it only took me a month thus it was much easier for me to detect.

b. Some of these changes are so obvious however that I’m still puzzled why widespread acknowledgement hasn’t been reached. I supposed the last thing people would suspect is that they are being mutated and would be inclined to chalk it up to aging. But I think it might be a bit deeper than this. In general no one was willing to even entertain the fact that I was changing. It was almost like some state of forced denial was encapsulating them. Even when I have validated these claims medically people are having an extremely difficult time even caring about it. Now I’ve always speculated that these sounds indeed can also induce some sort of hypnotic state. I don’t know if it’s possible but perhaps some sort of subconscious block is being placed upon the masses. What I recommend is to simply baseline yourselves. I’ve outlined all of the symptoms of onset – take a look & see if these have developed or whether they progressively manifest. I’ve noticed the bulges in my forehead absolutely are becoming more prominent therefore it’s likely this will be an ongoing progressive transformation. Be observant.

10. How do you to anticipate this is going to be unveiled to the public?

a. Well one thing I learned very fast about these entities is that they are all about deceit & misdirection. There was a period of time in which I would channel myself so that they could burst me with energy in a yes/no fashion – so I could ask them questions and if they could indicate to me a yes or no response. As much as I tried to reason, as much as I tried to negotiate, I was repeatedly let down by the fact that they were simply performing delay tactics, misdirection, etc. and had no real interest in having a genuine dialogue with me.

b. These entities seem to be most concerned with keeping their existence an absolutely secret. They also seem to have a hand in everything – I mean if you think about something like this must have been planned for a century & involved people on the ground here on earth to be facilitating this on a global scale. I’m not very well versed with the “illuminati” or the new world order but it would seem to fit right in line with how this is playing out. Also you have to assume that if they can generate/direct air-traffic at will; if they can manipulate military, if they can pull something like this off on a global scale without any response from government or religion – well then that tells me that all major forms of control, influence, power have been compromised.

c. This is a very important point as when this is unveiled to the public in which at some point it simply has to; I mean we are changing physically & how long can that be held in the dark – it will be without a doubt that the official version of what is transpiring will be delivered in a complete bed of lies. People just need to think about who (or what) could pull something like this off taking decades to implement, how it could be that someone in my position would have uncovered it & communicated the precise details outward many months in advance, why there would be so much effort involved in suppressing the information I have, if what I’m saying is not only true but that it goes entirely against what they are setting humanity up for. It’s all about manipulation, generating fear/chaos – and what a better way to do that than to invoke a mutation.

d. My strongest advice is to just not take things for face value. If something this extraordinary, this bizarre, beyond most of our means of comprehension can transpire than you should be willing to throw the entire book out with regard to what you know about this world/reality we live in – government, religion, science, history, as this should provide a statement that 100% without a doubt we have been seriously duped. Seek your own truths out & look to each other for answers and do not follow blindly down a path laid out by what could quite possibly be the same control scheme who is pulling this mutation off – government, religion, power – I can’t see any other viable scenario other than these bodies all having been compromised in this, willfully or otherwise.

11. Do you feel this has anything to do with religion, namely Christianity; how do you associate the coming events to those as described in religious texts?

a. Well religion means so many different things to so many different people. Here is what I know – there are forces out there beyond our physical awareness – forces of good & forces of evil. If you’d like to call them angels & demons that’s totally fine; if you’d like to call them Pleadians & reptilians same thing. These are just words; remember it is what these entities represent that is important. I also know without a doubt that my becoming a person of unwavering faith – faith in my own spiritual essence & the divine hand that guides it, faith knowing we are eternal souls fundamentally connected to the angelic nature of this universe, faith knowing that we are not to blame for our actions & that this is simply an experience & opportunity to learn & strengthen our core convictions – all of these aspects of faith have held a tremendous if not fundamental part in my entire experience going back a decade. That being said it has been my own personal relationship with the spiritual forces that guide us & my own personal relationship with the divine presence in this universe in which my faith does not waver. My only caution with religion is that it can limit possibility. I mean during some of the intense manipulations I was led to believe that this experience all had to do with my own personal salvation; however I recognized I didn’t need to be saved. I had already reached a point of pure serenity with myself & what I represented to the core. There was no need for “judgment” as I exist & am the essence of my spirit – thus once this point was reached I no longer was willing to entertain any further manipulation with regard to this being about me; and after all could I truly take that risk and just focus on myself? My point being is that I had to keep myself open to all possibilities in trying to interpret what the heck has been going on – something that religion absolutely constrains.

b. Another word of caution with regard to organized religion is that if it is a place in which to seek answers or guidance you have to keep an open mind with the fact that what is being executed has likely been planned for 1,000’s of years. You have to ask yourself how could it be that these entities have been able to keep their existence a secret. Why is it that no religious texts outline their presence & hands in manipulating humanity to the level of detail others are providing? Modern-day religions, although founded on profound & enlightening information about our history, may very well be corrupted by this dark influence.

c. Now another reason why I feel this could be the case is that throughout my experience I was pushed heavily into seeking comfort from “the church”. I was also told that it’s not enough simply to be “good” but that you needed to believe. Well I believe and it’s not because of what someone has told me what to believe. They also made a comment early on when I was sitting with my hands clasp & fingers folded on top of each other – like you would commonly see in a position of “prayer” that “well that’s a positive sign”. So simply a misinterpretation of me performing a standard practice of western-religion was a “positive sign” to them. Also the more I was being pushed towards the “church”, the more they were trying to influence me with euphoric energies, the more I was being misdirected into understanding exactly what was going on, including this mutation by a scientific means. Now if this pertained to say the coming of Revelations, and if humans were manifesting “demon” like attributes for “their sins”, why would a scientific means be required to facilitate this? Why would it have taken 100 years to implement? Why are none of the religious outlets talking about this? How is it that all of the details have been uncovered outside of any form of organized religion out there?

d. Now I have thought about the fact that I very well could have been targeted for the past 10 years in a much deeper fashion than these things just having a good old time manipulating me. They seemed to incrementally introduce concepts to me – the first was about the possibility of experiencing damnation for my sins, the next was a false fear of a cardiac issue, the next was that I may be a “fallen angel”, then that my “soul” was being judged. This all culminated during an experience in which repeatedly there were manipulations performed on me about the possible coming of Revelations. Now just consider this – if these entities had been successful into getting me to think that my soul was being judged and that I was in some sort of purgatory state, could they have manipulated me further into becoming some sort of religious prophet predicting the coming of days? I mean all of the crazy shite that was presented to me – I can see how someone else may not have been able to see through to the depths of this scheme.

e. Anyway it’s just something to think about. If this does unfold under the guise of Revelations again I recommend just to not take anything for face value. What is being presented to you will almost certainly not be the actual case. Perhaps a good rule of thumb – what you think it going on?....well it’s probably the opposite.

12. Why you? I mean how is it that you have come to this precise knowledge where no one else has?

a. Yes I often wonder this myself. People have asked – so what are you “the chosen one”? My response is simple – I may have been enlightened with information, pointed in the right direction, been mentored & offered guidance & protection – but all of this wouldn’t mean a thing unless I made my own decision to openly share my experience with others. That being said it’s difficult to put into words how exactly I have been able to come to the revelations that I have. The best way to think about it is that every essence of me, how I think, how my brain works, my creative spirit, my intellectual capacity, openness to possibility, bouts with demonic influence, being a person of faith, photographic recollection of visual perception, the way my brain breaks down acoustics, my background in biology & technology, background in chess, willingness to accept experience – all of it combined is the answer as to why me. I suppose this is what I am here for.

b. Now of course there is a deep & dark tale of the purest of irony with regard to how I have been able to decode so much of what is going on. It’s not like I have been a follower of this phenomena or a researcher in this field. I was simply targeted & seduced by these dark forces, I broke free…became consciously awake so to speak, these entities reacted, I reacted, they pursued even further, I played it cool while breaking down everything that was happening around me. In many ways it has been through their actions alone that I have been able to get to this point. Again it’s like we’ve been following a script – one that has been written by some sort of divine hand.

13. Why is it that you specifically have been “targeted” so to speak?

a. As mentioned prior I have been a target by these entities for a decade in various manipulations & speculate that perhaps they were trying to set me up for something much grander & related to what is transpiring. I mean they had me for a while but they made some serious missteps once I started awakening & breaking free of their influence. I also need to stress again that as much as a target as “I” may be the real target is the suppression of the knowledge & truth that I have obtained about what is transpiring. I mean these are very detailed specifics with regards to how they are executing this, what it is resulting in, tying back to a wealth of circumstantial evidence with regard to “what” is behind it.

b. A unique aspect is that I’m corporate professional with post-graduate education in technology rapidly accelerating the ranks of upper management within one of the largest internet companies of the world, who “out of the blue” has become aware of the existence of this otherworldly race of entities including intimate details of their physical characteristics, energetic capability, advanced technology, manipulation tactics, intellectual/emotional capacity, even their limitation when in our physical reality

c. I was able to detect the onset of gradual physical changes in others & myself

d. I concluded that we were being genetically modified via a scientific method

e. I have outlined the 6-7 precise physical/biological symptoms of onset

f. After being intensely assaulted with “sound” I was able to correlate the “mutation” effects as being triggered from sound & other frequencies in which I have outlined all of the major contributors planted throughout modern-day society

g. I was able to detect the moment when these started resonating in an escalated manner all over our surroundings

h. I was able to detect even sounds of “nature” that have been planted throughout our environment which have been a major contributor to these effects – primarily bird calls, crickets, & locusts

i. I was able to detect EMF/microwave radiation in the form of microwave hearing as a contributor in which the ringing & “beeping” in the ear matched precisely to many of the resonating forms planted throughout our environment

j. I was able to recognize the loud disruptive sounds of motorcycle blasts, sirens, alarms, etc as a contributor to tinnitus in which the ringing/beeping matched precisely to the microwave hearing which also matched to the frequencies resonating throughout our environment

k. I was able to break free of the manipulation that was being placed upon me for a decade

l. I may have been targeted because of my unique resistance to the effects of these frequencies as well as to the “human hosting” I have witnessed in others

m. I may have also been targeted for the past decade to be used as some sort of “religious” prophet to help interpret the coming of events for others in a manipulated fashion (in which I was able to see through to the true hand behind all of this). This is due to major attempts by these entities during the past decade to manipulate me into having a false fear of a cardiac issue, being “judged” or in a purgatory state, during their manipulation they implied the coming of Revelations, etc.

n. I have been able to uncover the precise scientific method for bringing upon this mutation (frequency resonation), how these contributors have been planted throughout our environment, the fact that this is a global coordinated event, etc

o. I also have been able to substantiate the physical changes in myself medically which can be used as leverage down the road – including MRI scans & molds of my teeth. In short I have the means to prove at least with regard to myself that I am undergoing rapid unnatural biological change

p. I have had the courage to share my speculation wide, far, & fast despite mass ridicule, suppression, intimidation, etc – even jeopardizing my professional accolades & standing

q. I was evaluated by these entities right off the bat as being a threat because of my “charm”

r. They also indicated they weren’t sure why it wasn’t working on me thus I may be a bit of a “science project” to them which of course has backfired

s. I have been provided angelic guidance & protection & these entities know this thus they may be trying to understand what forces are out there helping humanity during this critical time

t. I was able to subsequently link my experience to the work being performed by others including Camelot & Avalon & recognize my experience is part of a much larger mass consciousness & spiritual awakening

u. I have endured 5 months of intense monitoring, “attacks”, paranormal experience, stalking, ridicule, etc. This must be an entirely unexpected turn of events for these entities as demonstrated by their continuous aggressive mitigation steps which of course have been the primary reason for my uncovering all of this in the first place. They are still up my arse 24/7.

v. The fact that I have received so much attention is a strong indication that my interpretation of events & conclusions are indeed the truth. Of course I have little doubt as to the well-founded nature of my conclusions but they are basically reinforcing it tremendously by their reactions to me.

w. Lastly they are also making a statement that whatever they have intended certainly isn’t a “done deal”. I mean I already have sensed that this is a dramatic attempt at suppressing this mass awakening that is growing by the day, but the fact that they view “little old me” and the information I have as so critical and such a risk while investing so much resources, time & energy into this just speaks volumes to how fragile their whole scheme truly is. I’ll talk more about this later as this is a very important takeaway & I have been provided an important “message” with regard to how humanity will need to get through this.

14. You do realize how crazy all of this sounds correct?

a. Well yes of course! I also now recognize just how truly crazy the world we live in is. But you know this has all transpired with such velocity & synchronicity I haven’t had much time to just stop to think of how entirely ludicrous all of this sounds. You know what is equally as ludicrous is that I’m not entirely breaking new ground here – that folks have been making claims to this fact for years. I have just brought some extraordinary details to the table.

b. One thing I will say to aid in helping people wrap their arms around this is that it starts with simply keeping an open mind. We’ve been so blatantly conditioned by misguided truths, belief-sets, pseudo-science, education, history etc. that these walls seem almost impenetrable to break down. However there is a wealth of knowledge out there substantiated by hard-core facts. I’m bringing quite a few hard-core facts to the table and people need to focus on the facts and not on the immediate “trigger” based reactions to this information. I mean had the existence of these entities been hammered away at us through various religious outlets or in our history classes it wouldn’t be such a far-reaching concept now would it?

c. I know that the majority of folks are not going to be able to consume this information, as I have learned quickly that our minds have been programmed to spit out responses based upon the information that is flowing in without even taking the time to spend looking at the facts & exploring possibility. Try & put yourself in the mindset of serving on a cosmic-jury of sorts. No prejudice, no assumptions, just an objective assessment.

d. In the end whether people buy into this now or not isn’t entirely relevant as when this starts to unfold in the public eye people will be forced to start opening up to a much wider set of possibility. This is the trigger that humanity needs….the catalyst to start awakening to the true nature of our existence. People just need to follow the information trail that’s out there and start listening to & believing in one another. Folks like Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan – they have been pouring their heart & soul into seeking out & sharing truths for a reason. We’re not all delusional lunatics you know J.

15. You mentioned that throughout your many engagements with these entities you were able to gain a good sense of their intellectual & emotional capacity. Can you elaborate a bit more?

a. Well based upon my experience these entities seem to share striking similarities with us in regards to our capacity for intellect, reasoning, problem solving, etc. Now they are masters at manipulation & deceit but I must say they are very rash & aggressive when it comes to their mode of operation. I get the sense that they didn’t entirely think this whole thing through in regards to their over-the-top response towards me. They may have underestimated me as well. And in the end I’ve just been myself throughout this whole experience and now they seem to want to hold it against me.

b. I’ve also experienced many times in which these entities seem to bond with one another. In one scenario during a manipulation one of them was commenting to the others that they were “winning” in regards to pushing me towards religion. Obviously they were having quite a bit of fun with it at the time. I’ve witnessed their expressions of joy – yes they smile, particularly when performing a successful manipulation. I’ve also experienced their expressions of frustrations & disappointment when things aren’t going as they had hoped, even tossing their hands in the air out of frustration.

c. They seem to be quick at evaluating a particular situation. About 2-days into my experience their immediate assessment of me that I was a “threat because of my charm”. Well in many ways I suppose this was an adequate assessment – charm equating to sincerity & ability to immediately connect with others, resulting in genuine credibility.

d. They also certainly share a sense of humor. While they were evaluating me hard-core, wondering why their manipulation techniques, “key word” behavioral responses, etc. were no longer effective one of them commented “we’re not sure why it’s not working; maybe it’s because of his hair”. Ok yes I have a bit of a metro “bouffant” haircut but I find it amusing that they throw this out just like any of us would. I’ve even cracked jokes around them & got them to laugh – of course they didn’t know at the time I was aware of their presence.

e. Lastly I had an experience in which during one of their manipulations they were hitting pretty hard in regards to a personal-emotional experience; upon which the female (at least they were occupying a female host) leaned over to the other & whispered “I can’t believe you did that.” This was clearly a demonstration that although supportive of the manipulation “she” perhaps thought that it was a bit over-the-top. Does this translate to a demonstration of some form of empathy? I’d be inclined to think yes.

f. But throughout all of this I don’t want to undermine how vicious these entities have been. At first it may have been a bit amusing for them – a wicked & intense game of cat & mouse, or chess, but as they kept coming & coming this has seemed to snowball into an operation “mitigate at all costs”. It’s unfortunate as I have attempted to connect with them multiple times on multiple levels. These things have disrupted my life in methods that would challenge the imagination. They have invaded all forms of privacy. They have threatened me even directly saying that they “have everything I’ve ever done on video” – one of their many methods at trying to instill feelings of guilt or fear – it’s all artificial bs as these entities have clearly demonstrated that they are responsible for all of it. Yet despite all of this I have offered them respect for their accomplishments, their place in this vast & diverse universe we live in – we just seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to an appreciation of all life. I at times wonder if they at least hold mutual respect with regard to all that has transpired. I also wonder if somehow, someday balance & harmony can be achieved. Perhaps this is what this mass-awakening is all about.

16. How long do you think these entities have been involved with the earth & humans & why do you think they maintain such a high interest?

a. I can say definitively based upon my own interactions that they have been influencing this world for at least a decade. Considering they undoubtedly are behind this grand-mutation scheme I’d say that at a minimum would place them here for a century. Then you consider the fact that they must be extremely familiar with human genetics and I would be inclined to think they may have even held a hand in speculative mutations of homoerectus as described by the ancient Sumerian texts to have occurred 100,000’s of years ago. They have been able to keep their entire existence for the most part a secret & are well beyond our capability, technologically & otherwise, & level of understanding of the nature of this reality. All that being said I’d say it’s more likely than not that they’ve been around since the very beginning.

b. With regard to why they maintain such a strong interest in humanity I can speculate based upon their ongoing interest in me. They seem to thrive off of the vibrational energy we resonate during certain emotional states, states of arousal, fear/paranoia, etc. So much that it almost seems as though when occupying a human host they can not only accentuate & manipulate these states of being but that they get off of them – almost like a high-potent drug. Perhaps we are being used as a means to tap into this energy, to get “high” off of. Who knows? There is also speculation that the human race was engineered as a “slave” race so perhaps they have some sense of ownership of our presence & being.

c. Also it’s important to understand that time is all relevant. What has taken maybe 1,000’s of years & many generations in our timescale to manipulate & dumb-down humanity to pull something like this off, this all could have been conceived, implemented, & executed within a single lifetime of one of these entities. When you look at it in that scale it makes more sense to link an event with the Sumerians 6,000 years ago to what is transpiring today.

17. Do you think the government is involved or aware of what is happening?

a. Let’s just say I can’t see how all of the resources of the government at the very top wouldn’t be aware of what is transpiring. I mean if I’m aware then come on – of course there is an inner-circle that is entirely aware of what is transpiring. Whether forms of government are playing a willful hand – I have no idea. But this is happening & they don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

18. Why have you felt it necessary to share your experience & information you have obtained?

a. You know throughout all of this I have been driven by simply following my heart & soul, doing what I think is right. This is not about me & getting people to understand how it could be that someone in my professional & personal stature could almost out of the blue come to such a mind-blowing conclusion. I’ve already willfully have torn apart any ego I had in bringing this information to light. In the end I feel that people deserve to know the truth about what is transpiring. People deserve to know the true nature of our existence –that we are not to blame for our actions & that we are spiritual beings undergoing an experience in this physical body. I mean I’ve seen the consciousness as a separate entity than a body on 1,000’s of occasions. If you had any doubt well than this should demonstrate conclusively that a consciousness is entirely separate entity than a physical body.

b. It also upsets me that this is all transpiring in such a covert & devious fashion. People are being genetically modified without their awareness and yet I am aware. This information will be vital down the road when people are presented with such a frightening revelation. If I have an opportunity to aid in the understanding of events well then regardless of the consequence to myself, this is the action that I choose.

c. I also have been provided with this information for a reason. I have been provided benevolent guidance. It has been extremely difficult to put myself out there in this fashion, enduring through the mass ridicule, labels, scars to my personal & professional stature, going through this ongoing mitigation operation on a paranormal scale. But I’m sharing this information just as I know others would do if they were in my shoes. This is what it means to be human. And if these entities have a problem with what I’m doing well forgive me for being human but this is who I am….this is what we are.

19. How are you so certain of your perceptions & conclusions about all of this?

a. How are you certain that you exist? How are you certain that your hair is the color that it is or that the sky is blue? All of these events are as certain to me as all of those other certainties. But of course knowing how difficult of a concept this is for people to grasp I have challenged myself every step of the way along with substantiating as many of my experiences as possible with audio, video, medical, etc. To this day not a single claim I’ve made has been refuted, and of course I’ve been on a mission to poke a hole in this as the last thing I want to believe is that we are being scientifically mutated as a species. In the end no matter how much information is provided people will need to seek out their own truths - & possibly go forward on a bit of faith. I firmly believe that if people channel themselves & demonstrate deep passion for seeking out the truth, the truth very well may seek you out.

20. It sounds as though in some ways you’ve been in a personal battle with an entire otherworldly force. Why have you been such a target & what steps have these beings taken against you personally?

a. As stated prior I have been a target for various reasons for about a decade. And as of late as much of a target that I may be it is ultimately the truth & knowledge that I hold which is the real target. I mean to this day I have not encountered a single other person, many of which have dedicated their lives to uncovering this, who have cracked the entire code with how it is being implemented, the usage of frequencies, along with the precise biological symptoms of onset. The fact that I continue to be targeted just reinforces the credibility & importance of this information.

b. These entities have literally swarmed me – invading all aspects of my life, stalking my every move, manipulating at every opportunity, and most startling even hosting & “possessing” people close to me. I picked up quickly when they would swarm me on the road in which there are a few dead giveaways. For starters remember they rely on verbal/non-verbal cues so to indicate to each other that they are “in control” of a subject while driving they dangle anything they can find in the rear-view mirror – headphones, hats, stuffed animals, necklaces, whatever. I mean this became so obvious when literally every car around me for a month straight had these dumb items dangling, but it makes sense that they would do this. They also are not good drivers. I mean I can’t imagine they typically hop into an automobile, so the way the position their hands on the steering wheel is awkward, they would swerve on the road, etc. They would also use hand gestures out the window to communicate to each other. I talked about how my brain is “wired” to absorb information – well in this capacity I suppose I have a talent similar to the “Bourne” identity when it comes to assessing my surroundings in an instant.

c. I was falsely incarcerated once I went public which I won’t get into now but it was entirely under the hand of this influence, I have been electronically harassed, assaulted with sound, chemtrailed, intimidated with military, have had a massive number of orbs present around me even in my backyard, etc.

d. I still have attunement to their presence and although they are being much more discrete about their “stalking” they still manifest in the droves everywhere I go, everywhere I travel, when I’m out in public, when I’m driving, etc.

21. Have you ever stopped to think that you could be wrong about this?

a. You know as every day passes throughout this experience I question what exactly is going on. I continue to look at this in every conceivable angle, with every form of skepticism, but what I’ve found is that as each & every day passes, as I continue to encounter bizarre experience, as I continue to access research & knowledge shared by others looking at every conceivable angle, and as I continue feeling my forehead validating that these changes in me are still present there hasn’t been a single thing to elude me to another possibility, and trust me I’m looking for one. The last thing I want to believe is this reality – and unfortunately I’m beyond believing and I’m to the point where I now know without a doubt. I completely recognize how difficult of a concept this is to grasp, even for those richly versed in this field. I simply ask to explore the facts as the facts speak for themselves.

b. It’s a fact that a 37 year old had a very profound experience in which encounters with otherworldly entities were so prevalent it was not only uncovered that they exist, but with precise physical symptoms, intellectual & emotional capacity, advanced technology capability, artificial energies they can stimulate, their limitations, even their sense of humor – all of which map to historical accounts of similar beings. It’s a fact that I was assaulted with sound, period. Now much of this can only be judged based upon my testimony, but here is where there should be so much credibility as opposed to prejudged conclusions without any basis. It’s a fact I have changed biologically as substantiated by medical examinations. It’s a fact that others in this field way before me laid claim to the fact that we as a race are being scenically mutated. So I in no way came up with this concept but I have indeed substantiated it through experience.

c. I’ve also documented an entire mitigation operation placed upon me which includes massive paranormal experience, obviously the assault with sound, intimidation methods such as military, chemical bombardments, electronic harassment, attempts at destroying my credibility – linking my experience to chemical related, ganstalking, swarmed by entities, orbs & other phenomena – pretty much documented daily. Now I can’t conjure up this stuff just to make my “story” more interesting. I have 100’s of hours of video footage of this stuff – now the interpretation of what they mean is up to the individual but the fact of the matter is there is no denying that the physical reality of these events happened.

d. I have explored medical options which have only substantiated my claims even more.

e. I have shared my experience & information despite mass scrutiny, ridicule, suppression, while jeopardizing my professional & personal stature tremendously. Now people need to ask themselves why in the world would anyone do this? I would never cause any unnecessary confusion, pain, turmoil, etc if I didn’t know without a doubt what was transpiring. Heck I probably wouldn’t be putting myself out there in this fashion if there were any doubt.

f. Everything I have learned to accept as reality since the day I was born; everything in my heart & soul tells me that this is indeed transpiring. Why would I doubt myself after 37 years of experience? Why is it that to this day not a single claim I’ve made has been refuted? It’s because they can’t be. I know because they are entirely real.

g. In the end with everything that has transpired & the entire culmination of experience even if by some magical chance – that I am unique in my experience & onset of biological change could I really take the chance and keep all of this to myself? I suppose in the end I’m just being me & following my heart. My heart is telling me that people deserve to know what is happening. People deserve to know the truth. I’m doing this in the spirit of loved ones. I’m doing this in the spirit of all of you. I’m doing this in the spirit of humanity – I suppose love ignites action, regardless of consequence.

22. What ultimately would you like people to take away from your experience?

a. You know there are so many distractors in our environment….things that seem to have been deliberately placed to keep us from even putting much thought around the meaning of our existence – who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. And not from an individualistic point of view but as a unified race of spiritual beings. There has been so much delusion of the human spirit, so much delusion of what is truly important in this wonderful experience of life, and the result has been a total lack of comprehension to what is truly happening in this global society. It’s much easier to think that events can happen purely by chance but when you look back in history if there is one thing that has been demonstrated it’s that corruption has always been present, particularly since the Roman Empire, and that hidden hands have always intended to have a grip on the control of the world on a global scale. Why people shun at the possibility that even in today’s world this “hidden hand” and intention could still be present I don’t know. I’ve now come to terms with the fact that nothing proceeds as mere “chance”, and that everything is by meticulous design, and all signs point to this hidden hand as the ultimate “director”.

b. I feel that people deserve to know the truth, and there are powerful messages of hope & encouragement in this truth in spite of recognizing full-well this is going to be one chaotic period in our existence. People deserve to know the true nature of our existence – first and foremost that we are not along on this great blue planet of ours and likely never have been. And in that although a dark presence is around us there is benevolence that do care about our existence & progression and who are putting themselves out there trying to help – you can refer to them as angels if you’d like, but we need to start helping ourselves with the first step listening to & believing in one another – as a unified race. No more imposed divisions based upon anything. I mean an event like this opens your eyes to how important our fundamental angelic connection to one another is and will be.

c. I have been provided 2 important messages throughout my experience – Self-determination & unity. Now if you think about it these 2 aspects absolutely will be the driving force behind getting through what is to come, and again I didn’t come up with these themes – they were messaged to me in a very similar fashion as how these dark-forces have been executing their manipulation. Now self-determination can be thought of as “will”, and we need to demonstrate the core-will as a race to get through this. I feel as though we are being mentored yet no one is going to hold our hands through the entire thing. We must not ever give up hope and never give up on our physical & spiritual pursuits. I hope in my story it can show just how powerful self-determination can be.

d. Now once will is achieved it won’t be the individual will of each person that will overcome; it will be the collective will & spirit – cracking open the power of a unified race once and for all. It’s interesting as I’ve been trying to come to grips with all that has transpired; reaching out to folks who may have had similar experiences (i.e. on Avalon) – all preconditioned belief-sets & divisions are immediately thrown off the table. I mean this is serious stuff & does it really matter what economic bracket you come from, or what religion you subscribe to, or what ethnicity you are, what your political preference is, etc? Absolutely not – in fact none of these aspects whatsoever are important. You see this “mutation” being executed is presumably targeted towards everyone. What I can say is that it doesn’t care what religion you are, what color your skin is, etc; and once we recognize what is transpiring like a “big bang” all of these barriers of division engrained in our heads can & will come crashing down. This is where the ultimate irony lies – with a mutation of the human race comes an understanding of truth & the unification of the human race. Again these are the messages I have been provided thus I need to stress those first & foremost.

e. Obviously “Love” is the driving force behind both of these aspect, as not only will it steer us in the right direction when all seems to be lost, but it will inspire each & every one of us to do the right thing, regardless of consequence. You see as humans we have lost this connection but we truly do fundamentally love each and every other human on the planet. Just wait & see as an event like this is the opportunity to recognize this aspect of human nature once again.

f. Based upon my experience & seeing firsthand how devious & manipulative these forces can be I’ve learned that people are truly not to blame. This can be perceived on a macro scale with regard to the mass suppression of the majority of this world’s population but also on an individual scale. Now of course we make our own “perceived” decisions and it is in the swaying back & forth between light & dark, good decisions & bad ones, do we recognize the uniqueness of our lifelong opportunity to learn & grow, to understand all spectrums of emotion, behavior, and to develop the core foundation of what you represent as an eternal soul. However just as a child can be influenced & misdirected so have we. Not only have we been duped about our history, where we came from, but we have been conditioned to perform certain actions, to maintain varying beliefs, and even in a more dramatic means programmed/mind-controlled to perform certain behaviors. Now I can’t say for sure how deep this goes but I can certainly state that I fully have become aware of the hypnotic suggestions being placed upon me and my case likely wasn’t nearly as severe as what has been imposed on others. The point is you know deep down what you represent as a fundamental soul. Toss aside all of the garbage that may have polluted you up to this point as there is now definitive proof some or all of it could have been artificial. Toss out any guilt that you hold with regard to any of these decisions or behaviors. Their grip on us is immensely strong but once you let go of any guilt, which should be easy now as you have an exact entity to point the finger to, you will immediately begin to feel their tight hands loosening. You see it’s all smoke and mirrors designed to instill guilt, fear, obsessive behaviors, and to turn you inward.

g. So many of us have been conditioned to believe that this is truly all that there is. That we are alone, that we evolved from micro-organisms and that once we die that is it. This is simply not the case. How do I know this? Well take my own beliefs aside it’s a fact I have seen the consciousness or “soul” as a separate entity of a body on 1,000’s of occasions. Sure it has been with regard to these entities projecting their consciousness into a human body, but it’s all the same. If a consciousness can run inside any generic “biological computer” then it’s pretty obvious these are 2 distinct entities - on in a physical sense and one that appears to have no mass.

h. Also if we have been misled on something as profound as the fact that we are not alone how can you hold much weight into other universal or cosmic aspects that we have been conditioned to believe? It would appear as though life is abundant in this vast & diverse universe we live in; such abundance that entities on polar opposidte sides of the spectrum of “light & dark” exist. Now I do not agree with what is transpiring in this “mutation” but I recognize that these entities exist for a reason, I respect the fact that they are one of “god’s” creations, and that they have made some truly remarkable accomplishments, devious as they may be. But we need to recognize that there is a master architect in all of this – a master plan, written & directed by the divine. We are all here for a reason, during this particular totally bizarre, frightening, yet powerful time in human history. Just think about why you are a part of this, here & now, as we each have a part to play in all of this.

i. I also hope these entities take a look at how these events have unfolded and stop to think, “why”? What are they meant to learn in all of this. I mean there is no way they believe this has all transpired due to coincidence. Did god really mean for the forces of light & dark to contrast each other for eternity? I think not, as what point would that make? It is in this seemingly eternal struggle to reconcile these forces where the opportunity lies. I hope we take a moment to ponder what the divine hand would hope for all of us to learn throughout all of this.

j. In the end if the window of “endless possibility” isn’t open for folks now, it surely will be. And when that happens connect with that possibility, that openness, seek out your own truths, and most importantly connect & bond with each other. I can’t see any other path than one that is going to be arduous, frightening, challenging, but again if this were all “set in stone” I wouldn’t have this knowledge would I, nor would you (which you do now :).


My experience:

· Was bombarded with loud vibrational blasts (i.e. motorcycles, airplanes, fire alarms, motor vehicle loud muffler blasts, lawn mowers, even deep-base sounds)

· Bombarded with pattern-based frequencies, alarms, beeps/rings of electronics everywhere I went in public

· Had high-pitched frequencies channeled to me when driving in which cars literally enclosed me on the road

· Had non-stop aircraft screeching overhead at extremely low altitude including military; have non-stop air traffic routed to fly directly over my house hourly

· Had “birds” & other sounds of nature enclose my house in a perimeter in which they blasted almost 24/7, awaking me multiple times throughout the night & early morning hours

· Bombarded with “white noise” piercing sounds of insects particularly cicadas

· Bombarded with cricket-chirps

· Bombarded with EMFs, microwaves, RF’s

· Recognize “cricket chirp” like patterns embedded in an extremely diverse range of electrical/mechanical products – all major appliances, fans, air conditioning units, fish-tank filter, as well as in public places – airports (i.e. on the conveyer belts), subways, vending machines, high-pitched frequency omitted from airplanes when flying, you name it

· Recognize same tweets in synthesized sounds on the television, music, video games

· High-pitched resonation in public transportation, subways, airplanes, cars

All of these share one thing in common – they either omit a high-pitched frequency range (sounding like encoded high-pitched beeping or crickets in the distance) or generate mild-trauma in the ear, resulting in either microwave hearing or tinnitus, both upon which the ear generates these electrical impulses automatically which is interpreted as hearing the same frequency & patterns even in dead-silence.

Fact: after a 30 day bombardment with sound I decided to start wearing earplugs at night & only then noticed a tinnitus type of resonation equating to a constant ringing in the ears with mild beeping, like morse-code or hard-drive clicks.

Fact: these same beeps/clicks are present all over modern-day society

Fact: these same beeps/clicks manifested in my ears after a continued bombardment of chemtrails & presumably microwave/RF radiation

Fact: I not only noticed gradual physical changes occurring in others but I commented on them not quite sure how to interpret it

Fact: only after this intense assault did I start to manifest my own biological changes which mapped precisely to what I had noticed manifesting in others

Fact: I was able to detect when these patterns started to escalate everywhere in a coordinated fashion back in May

Fact: my conclusion based upon these extraordinary events was based purely upon experience in which I had no prior knowledge of theories out there around an otherworldly presence, genetic manipulation, etc.

Hypothesis – it is the collection of sounds/EMF’s/pulse-modulations & subsequent trauma to the ear which is the catalyst for bringing about genetic change. My speculation is that this “programmed” response was embedded in our genetics long ago only to be invoked upon the right time, once society reached a point where these sound patterns could be delivered non-stop via modern-technology & entertainment. Another possibility is that somehow we have recently been programmed by some sort of nano-technology to invoke genetic change upon a unique instructions set (frequency resonation)

Hypothesis – due to my own encounters with this “otherworldly” presence, the fact that they exhibit capabilities well beyond what I would consider within the realm of humanity, and the fact that something like this would take a century to implement – what is transpiring seems to be driven & executed by a race of beings outside of our physical awareness.

Fact – my conclusion seems to match precisely to those who have been researching this field for decades, including the fact that we are being genetically modified by an “otherworldly” hand in a scientific fashion.

Since my speculation “they”, the forces who are executing this plot, have only reinforced my hypothesis by continuing the sound bombardment upon myself in any way possible, constantly surrounded & hounded by loud motorcycles, directing all air traffic over my house, military craft at extremely low altitude, sounds of “nature”, chemtrails & EMF & microwaves, sounds of “emergency”, anything that is loud & traumatic to the ear.

So there will undoubtedly be a series of events that will be thrust upon humanity blurring the line between fantasy, religion, science fiction, & physical reality. I am in a unique position, a blessing & a curse, to have foresight in these startling events to come; however it is in this knowledge that I hope can be presented the true nature of what is transpiring as there are so many ways in which these events could be interpreted, manipulated, and it’s almost a certainty that whatever version seems the most likely is all part of the vastly deep manipulation that has been executed upon humanity for the ages.
Here are the facts:

· Dark-forces have been manipulated at least myself for 10 years

· They above anything seek to hide their true existence, particularly behind schemes put in place to deflect primarily religion

o I spent numerous days/weeks contemplating the religious aspect of all of this. You need to keep in mind these entities did whatever they could at all costs to push me to interpret these events as religious. It is ONLY when I started recognizing the true nature of their deceit did their interest in me intensify

o Also if this is religious focused then why would they need a scientific method to mutate humanity? Why would they rely on technology so heavily?

o In their manipulations they like to play both sides & I fully suspect this to continue once this is unveiled to the public. If a “revelations” event is to come we cannot let ourselves take things at face value. If Jesus were to present himself we need to question how do we know that this is the true Jesus & not an imposter, for these entities are entirely about playing the role of imposters, trickery, and manipulation

· Their mind-control techniques are advanced subliminal & suggestive influence including EMF & microwave transmissions to induce a mental or emotional state, mind control

· There are clearly historical accounts of these entities hidden away in our ancient past. We need to explore all options

· The method in which they have responded to me is almost a giveaway that I fully understand the truth. It is the truth around what these entities are, how they are performing this mutation on humanity, and their desired end goal that is of risk to them. If I were to interpret this as religion well then they would likely be just feeding it along without such a mitigation operation

· Their mitigation effort has been absolutely staggering – with even monetary costs in the $1M’s if not $1B’s – no joke. We’re talking 10,000’s of aircraft spanning multiple continents, 1000’s of entities, 24/7 focus, etc. for 5 months straight. Ask yourselves why would they put the effort in doing this?

Same beeping pattern (like crickets chirping) coming from the water heater. Same pattern coming from my refrigerator. Same pattern coming from my air filter. Same tone/pattern coming from the filter behind my fish tank. Similar tone/pattern coming from crickets.

What would be the purpose of irradiating someone with blasts of noise? Sounds that have been deliberately channeled to try & bring upon mild tinnitus. Loud mufflers, sirens, sounds of emergency, alarms, piercing high-pitched synthesized sounds, airplanes, whistles, etc. Bird calls – lots of them & in crazy patterns, crickets chirping, “white noise” of locusts that are resonating in the ear like you attended a locust concert. The end result it tinnitus – the exact same high-pitched Morse code-like beeps in the ear – like clicks of a hard-drive. This is resonating 24/7.

What’s the effect of EMF/microwave radiation? Chemtrail agents enhance the frequency effect and these frequencies cause a pressurized sensation in the ears along with a faint ringing & Morse-code like beeps.

So the commonality in all of this – loud noises, high-pitched piercing sounds, encoded patterns in electrical/mechanical devices, “nature” blasts, EMF’s, microwaves is that they all lead to this “cricket” Morse-code like beeping in the ear. It’s something I noticed immediately when I first put earplugs in after being bombarded with SOUND of all things.

Because of this commonality and the fact that the “cricket” type of sounds masked in appliances, electronics, etc. sound EXACTLY like the microwave hearing effect which sounds EXACTLY like tinnitus which sounds about the same as crickets is a strong indication that it is this encoded message – a beeping in the ear that is triggering these changes to take place.

CHEMSTREAM PHENOMENA - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eut50QVuNuU CHEMTRAIL BOMBARDMENT 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MRlTd33UDM 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhXkbXJKfQc

ORB CLUSTER in my backyard - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ4WO8CY3CM

9/7/11 – massive UFO/orb filmed in Los Angeles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PIjYKduGms Orb along with Air Force One - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE_AYuBYEkA

Another orb caught on film - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4slWN5eu9Lk Massive amount of chemtrails along with typical military hovering overhead - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyU77RF5fMI

8/24/11 – If you are wondering how exactly sound vibrational wave energy may be causing a recombination of matter/DNA please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/user/tsaklar?feature=mhee#p/a/f/0/Cc7OkmggC7k Sound recombining matter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DGPV7SB88c

8/23/11 – As I stated prior in a matter of months I've been vaulted from speaking in front of 100's of executives at tech-conferences to speaking about this. In the end we can't afford to not speak truths out of fear or simply because people fail to understand - for now. As Icke stated when he first went public - "you can't un-hear something". And when this "mutation" becomes public people will remember & know that someone long before not only caught this in the act, but outlined precisely the symptoms, the catalyst (sound), as well as the perpetrators. People will be forced to open up to a much wider set of possibilities than the ignorant narrow-minded views that have been hammered into our minds, mine include.

So although prior to say 4 months ago I had never dived into most of the content discussed by Icke, Avalon, Maxwell, etc the topics absolutely intrigued me & I have always been a "truth seeker", enlightened by intellectuality/spirituality, & 100% channeled my intentions towards what I can only describe now as a consciousness "awakening" - although no way ever could I have imagined the extent in which this was going to unfold, despite me feeling somewhere in the core for quite some time now that I was going to play a huge part in this "master plan".

I have had so many "paranormal" experiences over the past few months it's scary - I mean in the 1,000's. But it hasn't been all negative & in no way do I think it's all "doom & gloom". Actually I know it's not or else I wouldn't be here sharing this information. I've had countless encounters with these "demonic" entities as well as being guided all along in the oddest sequences by benevolence. I have one hell of a story to tell someday, but I in the most remarkable of ways have spent a decade building up to this moment.

The primary reactions I'm receiving from people - even ones close to me are bizarre & entirely reflective of just how brainwashed our race has become. Forget the paranormal aspect of this along with the mutation - these very short-sighted themes can apply to anything.

1. I have been responded to numerous times that - "oh even if what you are saying is true what can a single person do about it?" Not sure if this is coming out via subconscious influence or what, but can you believe this is what our society has been condition to believe? "Oh little old me, I can't do ****e about anything so I'll just throw my hands up.". I mean I can't believe it. You see it's not about one person - it's about the network we represent as a unified race. Well if there is one thing I am going to demonstrate to people is the power that one person truly has in contributing to a cause they believe in.

2. I've also heard "so what are you saying, that you're a chosen one?". I mean are people so blinded? It's not about being "chosen" - it's about taking accountability and CHOOSING. We choose our own path; we choose our destiny - it's not the other way around. Now of course there will be guidance & support along the way, but as much as I may have been chosen to do this, it wouldn't mean ****e if I didn't make the decision to choose to take this path myself. In the end i'm just like all of you, & in that we need to recognize & rely on that commonality very quickly.

What's it going to take for people to finally start believing in themselves & in each other? Ultimately this is where the power lies & it’s what I hope to leave you all with by sharing this information. There is a hidden war being waged for our hearts & souls. It's very real but I've been provided a message - self-determination & unity. You see I'm not out there fighting with a gun (or laser
in hand. I haven't been guided down this path without reason. All of my actions have been driven out of genuine love, compassion, & determination. But all of that alone isn't what is going to unite us. I...we need people to believe & have faith.

Well I've figured out the catalyst to bring about out mass awakening, faith, individualistic determination, and world-wide unity once & for all. Call it divine guidance or intuition, but what starts with irony ends with irony. This mutation has no choice but to become public. I've already seen placements out there about the possibility but my speculation is that this is going to come on suddenly led by the puppet control schemes, primarily the government, religious outlets, & puppet media. But once the can of worms is open the smoking gun for humanity will be present. Humanity will have 2 choices - (1) recognize that someone long before driven by love & compassion documented & shared the entire coming of this along with the control scheme that was behind it. This has been planned for decades, and in that every form of major power has been compromised - including religion. It's simply a fact as without it this couldn't be pulled off. This is malicious, the reaction I've received is one entirely based upon contain & invade at all costs, and it's causing gradual mental deterioration as well, presumably to yield us to the end-goal of eugenics - a global dumbed-down slave race.

The second choice (2) is to completely fail as a race and fall into the BS story being unfolded around us - whether it's the coming of Revelations, 2012, that the mutation is natural & positive, that it's being caused by the sun, whatever - it's 100% going to be bull**** - problem, reaction, solution at its fullest leading us straight down the path of a New World Order. The proof should be that no one person should have ever discovered this was happening along with the who, how, & when before the government or "scientists". I mean come on give me a break & I first went public with this in MAY.

This is the choice humanity is going to be left with & in many ways it will decide our fate - will we believe in one another & unite as a race or be duped, suppressed, and controlled for the ages. Whether there are rules to be played or what - there are angels & demons among us. Scrap religious definition out of it - some entities are with us sincerely trying to help, and some are against us. Plain & simple. We as humans absolutely can represent one or the other as well. Perhaps this is the method in which these entities can relate to us within our physical reality. perhaps a middle ground was struck in which both parties will play their side in all of this. Maxwell was correct in his claims about this mutation, but what he didn't anticipate was that the cause (vibrational energy) would be discovered prior to the bull**** story unfolding. This in my eyes is a total game-changer and if it weren't the armada wouldn't have jumped up my arse for 3 straight months to this day. They have exhausted so much energy & resources already in their attempt to contain this - just follow my story & you'll understand. Jordan may have been right about the mutation, but he was absolutely wrong about what it will mean for humanity. Like I said I haven't gotten to this point alone & of course there is meaning to it all. How wonderful it is knowing 100% that we are not alone in this - and remember we will always have each other. We all have an important part to play in this & we will prevail.

You see our souls aren't being judged. Don't buy into the implanted fears of being damned for eternity. We are being allowed to demonstrate what we can & will represent as a race. No one is going to hold our hands entirely through this. I was taken down the furthest depths before I lifted myself out - but I took to heart the messages I was receiving & which in the most profound of ways was everything that I needed to hear - but again I needed to self discover. I needed to lift myself. It was almost like I was being evaluated hard-core for years for being placed into this position. I don't blame "them" as it is a totally crazy position to be in. Ultimately the faith was put into the fact that I believed in myself & would do "the right thing". Now the question is will we as humans do the same. Well here is your answer - Truth--->awareness---->unity---->freedom

8/22/11 – Greetings & salutations to the physical, spiritual, inter-dimensional, and reptilianal (notice which one of these terms has ANAL embedded in it. Oh come on laugh a little :). Any chance we can end this childish nonsense & start focusing on how we can progress as uniform entities? After all my intentions of wanting to progress humanity now seem a bit short-sided. How about we channel our intentions to progress universally? I mean isn’t this the true test & will of the divine hand? Perhaps this epic “struggle” is a defining moment for eons to come. Just think about it….

Keep in mind I had no real concept of the "illuminati", New World Order, or of a "Reptilian" race prior to a few months ago. But I have undergone a very real & profound experience in which I have gained in depth knowledge of what is transpiring, why it is happening, and who is behind this attack - & I'm referring to what would absolutely be considered as a "supernatural" hand in all of this.

I can't say for certain the perpetrators are the Reptilian or Anunnaki, but what I can say is that my paranormal experiences have involved 1,000's - and I mean 1,000's of encounters with beings whose physical characteristics & technological/energetic capabilities parallel very closely to historical accounts made by others of the Reptilian race of beings. I have NOT seen any Reptilians in physical form - but every instance upon which these entities reside in our physical reality they have been required to "piggy back" off of a human host in which there are multiple & yes startling symptoms they exhibit. Again I didn't come up with any of these concepts however based upon my very real experience substantiated by boatloads of circumstantial & physical evidence I'd conclude that it's certainly more likely than not that this race of entities not only exist but that they have been manipulating the human race for 1,000's of years.

In regards to this attack I know there is so much information I am unloading it's hard to absorb. Equally it's entirely astonishing (yet not coincidental) that I have uncovered so much about what is transpiring in such a short amount of time. If you have followed my story you would understand that there has been so much irony with regard to how this has transpired - so much of my findings have been due to the direct result of the rash & aggressive reaction I've been given by the perpetrators. But let's not get caught up now with regard to the supernatural; let's talk about the physical.

1. So far not a single claim I have made, physical anomalies on myself & otherwise, have been refuted. I would jump for joy if these could be but they simply can't. I mean how can you refute something that is 100% true? I’ll state again if there is a single person who can refute any piece of what I'm saying please do so & I will cut a check for $10k right now. But to deny what I'm saying would be to believe that out of nowhere I came up with a story so remarkable, original, and far-fetched yet in the most imaginative of ways it's a story that can't be disproved? I'm a creative person yes, but not that creative...

2. If you perform any bit of research on ancient history you will find an enormous amount of historical material dating back to 3,000 BC in which this Reptilian race of beings have been documented with precise detail. Just research the ancient Sumerians & come to your own conclusions.

3. If you understand the goals of eugenics well then you know that the underlying goal is to not only entirely brainwash & control the mass population but to transform via GENETIC MUTATION the human race into a "hobgoblin" slave race - dumbed down to the fullest & physically deformed from the "powers at be"

4. Research Jordan Maxwell as he has been stating for years that this deliberate mutation has been in effect

Again I have not come up with any of these concepts however I have had the smarts & creativity to put the pieces together – regardless of how “ridiculous” they seem in our false-perception of reality. We have been entirely dumbed down & duped as a society for centuries - more prevalent in the past few decades. The world is going backwards & if you can't at least get that then there is no point reading further. Yes based upon our imposed manipulated views on reality it's far too easy to accept that things just happen randomly. Well is it too far-fetched to think that this world - with all the elite & power, has always & is progressing as designed?

With regard to sound think about it - it's wave energy. In fact sound energy can create recombination of all matter based upon the specific frequency range omitted. This is a fact. Why is it too far-fetched to think that modern-day society, say in the past 100 years, was put in place for the sole intent of pulling this scheme off. I do not find it coincidence that my findings revolve around the false fears of 2012. Planting the possibility of global disaster in our minds is absolutely a part of this.

But if I were to try & pull something this devious off I would have a few requirements:

1. develop a means to invoke genetic change leveraging methods that would go undetected

a. wave/radiation energy – in this case vibrational patterns & frequencies

2. develop a means to transmit this undetected on a global scale

a. modern-day products, mechanics, motorized vehicles, synthesized sounds, planted sounds of “nature” in the environment

3. Ensure public would never be suspicious by making sure the weapon (sound) would never be perceived as harmful. HELLO we know sound can be used as a weapon already – both physically & mentally (hypnotic suggestion)

4. Even better develop a weapon in which people would use on themselves – television, products, synthesized sounds in video games, phones, lawn-mowers, motorcycles, plumbing – you name it

5. Make sure that if anyone ever copped on to have a mitigation plan

a. Public suppression & ridicule (check)

b. Assault subject with sound with attempt to weaken physically & mentally (check)

c. Threaten & intimidate subject (check)

d. Gangstalk subject (check)

e. Swarm subject with paranormal activity (check)

f. Manipulate subject into thinking the experience to be “religious” (check)

g. Leverage human-hosting capability to control & manipulate people to push subject down a path of lies & deceit (check)

h. Falsely incarcerate subject (check)

i. Flood subject with surveillance – land, sea, air (check)

j. Military “training” missions to intimidate (check)

k. Suppress medical assessment (check)

l. Douse subject with chemicals for weeks (check)

m. Litter atmosphere with agents to enhance frequency effect (i.e. HAARP) – (check)

Don’t you see it – SOUND is the absolute perfect weapon. We are using it against ourselves unknowingly, it is entirely without suspicion, and is a form of energy upon which its effect on humanity at certain patterns & frequencies ranges has obviously been suppressed. It’s all around us, 99% of the sounds we hear on a daily basis are ones that have been ENGINEERED including what we are now perceiving as birds/locusts/etc, and they are resonating non-stop 24/7.

As ingenious as this plan is I can’t take credit for coming up with it as it was obviously plotted out at least a century ago – likely more like 1,000’s of years ago along with planting the idea of Satan, fears of being “Judged”, 2012, and Revelations. Well it’s all coming to a head now – I just happened to have uncovered it in the most profound of ways. As I mentioned in other thread I am absolutely being guided, protected, & believed in from beyond. Now all we need to do as a race is start believing in one another. Stay tuned for more & take care….

More examples of vibrational frequencies (energy) in plumbing which magically matches precisely to a jet engine - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv9C5B7z1gA

Obviously there is an "advanced' hand at work here. In terms of the perpetrators of this attack I'm hesitant to say advanced "intelligence" as just because their capabilities our beyond our as well as their intellectual enlightenment, throughout their manipulation & assault on me I have not felt inferior intellectually, a lesson in which they have learned very quickly. Essentially I've endured their attacks & cracked this entire thing in a matter of weeks - to what is happening (mutation of humanity), to outlining precisely what the symptoms of onset are (see www.anunnakiagenda.com for more info), to determine HOW they were executing this attack (subconsciously via sound vibrational patterns engineered & planted everywhere), even all the way to strong speculation with circumstantial evidence around who (or what) was behind it all, to even deciphering their advanced technology capability, energetic capability, human hosting capability, symptoms demonstrated when hosting & even methods to determine if you yourself have an entity influencing or residing within you, to the limitations they have when residing within our physical reality, and on and on. This from someone who literally 4-5 months ago had absolutely no concept of this sort of stuff.

I have so much experience, knowledge, information, and evidence this needs to be shared & absorbed as quickly as possible. The barrier I'm running into everywhere is subconscious influence being placed on others to suppress or detain this information (i.e. medical personnel), to what I speculate is some sort of hypnotic suggestion being placed upon the masses to keep the mind suppressed & blinded, to people blinding themselves & trying to suppress me due to centuries of manipulation, false belief sets, and false barriers to the possibilities within our reality.

This is all very real, and as startling as it will seem at first this is going to turn around into being the "smoking gun" for humanity to awaken from this induced coma, recognize this devious control scheme we have been so wickedly duped by, finally understand the nature of our reality, spirituality, and the fact that we share many companions in this wonderful infinite universe of our, and bring our race together once and for all.

You see I'm beginning to finally fully break out of my shell. I've been provided messages like this from beyond now ever since these paranormal events began back in May. It's no coincidence I have this information. It's no coincidence I've been so massively resistant to the methods of attack being placed upon me 24/7 - the latest being pinkish like chemtrails all hours of the day and now spouting out from behind a hill littering the sky 24/7. Just take a look at some of my YouTube posts (tsaklar). It's no coincidence I have the confidence & courage to share this information despite being suppressed, attacked, ridiculed, etc - I'm putting myself "all in", and someone, somewhere knew beforehand I would be able to do this.

See I may have been tested in the most profound of ways leading up to this. I had channeled my intentions 6 months prior - seeking out the truth, understanding that we as a race needed to change in a big way from an individualistic nature to one focused on progressing as a race - our understanding of spiritual enlightenment, unifying our religions in which they recognize our universal existence as opposed to being so arrogant to focus on simply mankind & this earth. I had developed unwavering faith in the divine & the divine hand, and as well I had overcome all personal demons, fears, and was at complete serenity with myself in regards to who I was to the core, despite of course having plenty of faults & poor decisions in my past but who doesn't? This is what it means to be human, in which now of course I entirely know that we are not to blame - I mean truly we aren't. I've not only seen manipulation at its fullest on me but have seen full out human hosting by these entities in their attempts at corruption.

I spoke of my desire to want to teach & enlighten people. Can you believe it? All of these factors have played a massive role in this profound awakening and experience, and if a single piece was missing I may not have been up to the task. But the last piece was about belief - my belief in regards to faith, the belief entities from "beyond" had in me, but ultimately belief in myself. I now recognize that was the final "test" that was put upon me. You see no one is going to hold our hand entirely through this process. There are guiding forces but we still need to be wise enough to recognize the messages, have faith in ourselves and in others, and have the courage to do what's right - in the name of love, despite all of the invisible barriers that have blocked our race from achieving this.

Lastly I was given a message about 3 years ago and this is entirely the truth - "write it down, tell the world" it was. I'll get into how exactly this was provided to me but at the time I considered it a bit of novelty. There was a friend with me at the time who found the experience to be equally profound. 3 years later this is exactly what I'm doing - writing it down, and telling the world. Please don't dismiss this as we as a race have a lot of work to do. Self-determination & unity has been a theme throughout. Together each of us can & will make a difference.

P.S. this information & response to it needs to be elevated quickly. I'm going to keep pushing back on these bastards as they aren't letting up, but support around this is important. Even if you don't quite buy into all of this there is no harm in spreading the word, asking around, and contributing to this cause. I'd really like to partner with someone of the likes of Bill or Kerry but can & will start funding assistance as needed. I have so much proof to back these claims - it's just a matter of getting it in front of the right people. In the end all the proof in the world isn't what is going to open people's eyes. Everyone, yourselves included, will need to also go on a bit of faith. Take care.

Well the manifestations of the entities I've seen REQUIRE a human host to "piggy-back" off of when they are residing within our physical reality. There are very real & startling symptoms if you were aware, and keep in mind I've seen this 1,000's of times over the past few months when they weren't aware I had "copped on", thus I was able to gain intimate knowledge of how they operate.

There are 2 forms of human hosting capabilities I've seen - one in which all of the 5 physical senses can be shared which is used to spy on a subject, manipulate surroundings (i.e. electrical devices, television, computer systems, lighting for a halo effect) as well as manipulating the subject via artificial bursts of energy, both positive & negative. The positive feels like a bit of an adrenaline rush, similar to having a positive epiphany - a tinglnig/shivering internal energetic sensation that can be placed anywhere within the body but predominantly in the chest area radiating outward. It can also be used to stimulate a subject - sexual arousal or intensifying a sexual experience as well. The dark/negative energy is used to create false fears - i.e. chest constriction to bring upon a false fear of being susceptible to a cardiac issue. It's very constricting as though everything around you is slowing fading out - not visibly but vibration ally. These positive/negative energies are layered on top of each other. During a manipulation a series of events will transpire where if you perform an action or verbal response (remember they share your sense of hearing as well) they can surge you one way or another. This is likely why drugs can induce fear/paranoia so rapidly as well as sexual arousal. Also these entities seem to use humans to "get off" on - like a human drug - via sexual impulse & stimulation, fear, obsession, paranoia.

The second form of hosting is more disturbing and involves full control of a host via the subconscious. I've seen this performed 1000's of occasions as well. During this mode the entity must need to present themselves more within our physical reality thus demonstrates major symptoms.

1. eyes go black & emotionless - it's literally like what you'd see in a movie like children of the corn or something where kids are possessed. This could be due to pupil dilation to the fullest but it's more than that - they seem to reflect more energy or something and don't flow with facial expressions of emotion.

2. massive blinking patterns - rapid blinking, repetitive blinking - just like you'd see in accounts of reptilians on YouTube

3. major licking of the lips side to side - like once every 1-2 minutes. and it's a fairly fast lick starting from one end of the mouth going to the other

4. lack of eye contact - it's like they try to hide their appearance so if you suspect they will immediately look away from you.

5. vertical/upright posture - like sitting very properly

6. they are very poor drivers - when they are in a host say gangstalking you and taking control of a person driving they are all over the road swerving

7. they still rely on verbal/non-verbal communication to communicate. when i was getting stalked they had to hang something from the rearview mirror to indicate they were in "control" of the human host. slowly but surely every car around me for weeks straight had something stupid hanging from the rearview mirror - hats, ribbons, badges - anything. they also need to give hand gestures to communicate.

8. in addition they rely on physical communication with each other when residing in human hosts. They would talk to each other right in front of me - talking about my emotional/mental state, tactics - remember for weeks they didn't realize I had awareness to them so I suppose they were a little careless. they like to pretend to be angels & demons & manipulate pushing someone towards a particular religious belief set. I suppose it's one way to hide behind the paranormal activity they are generating.

9. lastly you can feel their energy if you are in tune. I can feel them all the time & they know it thus are being much more cautious when presenting themselves fully around me.

There is benevolence as well and when they provide guidance via human hosts I don't sense any harmful intention, full mind control, or detect any physical symptoms. I had someone mention to me out of nowhere the other day "it's now coming from the mountain" as I was recording daily chemtrails overhead. Low and behold I walked around the corner and there it was - a central source spewing chemicals into the sky, littering my surroundings. It's messages like this that are provided. Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether you're being manipulated or guided. In the end if the message provided you with benefit - like helping to develop faith or overcoming fear, it’s very likely to be benevolent. Try not to get too caught up in the religious aspect. I found myself trying to decipher whether or not i was being manipulated into religion thus was encountering "entities" pretending to be angels & demons. You see angels & demons do exist. You don't need wings to be an angel nor horns to be a demon. We as humans can represent an entity of this nature. It’s the concept & what the entities represent that is important - not a word in a dictionary used to describe something. Cheers.

Just wondering - has anyone else picked up on this yet? Do you feel it in your hearts that what I'm saying is true? You need to understand I have absolutely zero doubt about the whole ordeal which has been backed by countless forms of substantiating pieces. I was even told the "attack" would be initiated on May 26th. I didn't know the extent of it at the time, but this widespread, it's advanced, it's global, and it parallels to the claims Jordan Maxwell has been making with regard to a deliberate mutation of humanity. There are noticeable symptoms:

1. buldge/ridge formations slowly developing in the forehead - most noticeable in the suture areas, particularly from the outer brow to the hairline. The sutures in the front-center of the forehead will slowly deepen as well. The anomalies extend all around the skull so a bald head would show more noticeable signs

2. growth in teeth - growth in molars (dropping downward/upward from the gums), fang-like protrusions in canines, and particularly the bottom teeth will start to crown causing the outer front 2 on the bottom to start angling towards the back of the mouth

3. skin changes - becoming more leathery & a more puffy, dry-like appearance. I've also noticed that water streams off of one of my arms now as if it is coated in oil. Even when one of my hands is absorbed in water for 20 min it barely prunes - implying that the skin changes are resulting in enhanced water resistance. temple areas may start showing some dry patches. pinching skin together, particularly on the top of hands, will cause it to wrinkle up in a very odd pattern. crowed

4. New vein structure - most noticeable in the forearms, top of hands and top of feet. The puffy skin is causing the veins to protrude more as well - they are more pronounced

5. More pronounced tendon structure - particularly in the neck. It's almost as though new tendons are popping up

6. constant ringing in the ears. mine is probably much more noticeable as I have been targetted & bombarded for 3 months straight. listen for a continuous high-pitched resonation with faint beeps like grasshoppers or morse-code

The gradual onset is what is likely making this difficult but please baseline yourselves & others around you as this "attack" seems to be escalating.

PLEASE AT A MINIMUM TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH THIS VIDEO - Compilation of HYPNOTIC patterns & frequencies planted throughout our environment TODAY - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jj2tkJhm3s

8/17/11 - Needless to say the coming to my realizations, now without any doubt whatsoever that Jordan Maxwell's claims of a deliberate "mutation of humanity" is in effect, was (and still is) rather startling I have been provided equally profound insight that this apparent "enemy", which can in some ways be thought of as vibrational energy which is invoking change at a genetic level, can ultimately become in the most profound & ironic of ways humanity's greatest ally. In fact ripples around this are already being felt despite awareness around this not fully penetrating the masses. This change, initially perceived as "supernatural", will be determined to have been caused by sound - primarily due to folks as you spreading the word, and this will outwardly spread "virally" through the masses. Once the true nature of this change is discovered it will lead to only one possible party/scheme that is responsible for causing this mutation. It will be the same control scheme people have trusted, in many cases with their lives, for 1,000's of years. But once that trust is broken....shattered beyond repair people will awaken - they will be forced to. Once people awake they, or I should say WE, will begin to truly listen to one another, rely on one another, UNITE, and finally manifest into the race that we deserve to be.

It's happening now & I'd again ask that you please simply spread the concept around whether you buy into any of this or not. Use it as one hell of an original plot for a screen play. Take it - it's yours. Ask around, drop the theory onto others - even if it is to say "hey did you hear what some bozo is saying" or "wouldn't this make for a great Sci-Fi concept?" I've come to realize that people need not to believe any of this now, but when the masses are left looking for answers they will have 2 choices - (1) believe in the complete BS story being proposed by the control scheme via the government, puppet media, & religious outlets unfolding like a blockbuster movie production, or (2) recall that someone long before not only had foresight into things transformations to come with precise detail, but outlined EXACTLY how it was being performed along with WHO (or what) was behind it all. Please do what David Icke has dubbed the "truth vibration" a service & spread the word. It's simply information & a theory at this point - what harm can there be in that? Even without any pro-activeness the minute each of you become aware of what is going on (and you will) please leverage all channels - Facebook, YouTube, Message Boards, social, professional, & family circles, etc - to spread the truth as quickly as possible. Take care. P.S. here is a link to my latest chemical dousing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVuo6Z92FS4

8/16/11 - I am sincerely trying to help everyone gain awareness to what is happening & more importantly what is to come. What do you honestly believe would compel someone to put themselves out there like this regardless of the consequences? Well the motive is all of you, and underneath that is unconditional love. A friend of mine after reading through this asked whether there was benevolence in all of this. There most certainly is but do not underestimate the benevolent hand & power each of us holds. I’ve been told many times, “oh even if what you’re saying is true what can one person possibly do”. Well this “one person” is doing more than he could have possibly imagined at one point – but now my “imagination” is running wild with endless possibility. It’s important to again stress that it’s as important to channel your intention towards seeking the truth, your beliefs & faith, and desire to connect with what is going on as it is action. Just give it a try & ask to be heard, as I’m living proof that as much as you may want to uncover the truth ultimately it is the truth that will uncover you.

As David Icke has stated numerous times "you can't un-hear something". Well now you've all heard this. If you think about it if there were an underlying control scheme manipulating humanity for millennia moving towards some sort of “new world order” fascist state (it doesn’t take a genius to see that we are in times of uncertainty, lies (9/11, WMD), war, increased fear/stress, division, etc) then what I am saying is simply perfect scheme:

1. plant false fears of being judged, Lucifer, Revelations, 2012 - 1,000's of years ago
2. introduce electric current - something that can easily be manipulated in terms of voltage & frequency
3. introduce mass media, television, video games, motorized vehicles, modern electronics/mechanics; leverage alternating current as the trigger to "turn this on" globally - like waving a magic wand...
4. eliminate any suspicion whatsoever of sound (wave energy) possibly being able to invoke mental or biological change, despite hypnotic suggestion obviously being linked to sound as well as vibrational energy
5. gradually manipulate & escalate these vibrational patterns & frequencies in our environment without public awareness
6. bring upon genetic change manifesting as something that could be perceived as "Luciferian" or demonic when the actual trigger is SOUND
7. leverage the "control scheme", puppet media, hands of religion, etc to manipulate humanity into further chaos, doom, & ultimately a new world order. welcome to Albert Pike's 3rd & final world war - the war of Revelations....

I can’t blame folks for being dismissive as I’ll be the first to admit they sound like something straight out of a JJ Abrams novel, but my testimony alone should carry huge significance in itself due to my history of extremely sound judgment, professional & educational standing, social stature, sincerity & genuine credibility, etc. it’s highly likely these sounds are extremely hypnotic to keep people in a suppressed mental state & oblivious. I’m also a strong believer that channeling intentions & being aware (you will start to put up a natural defense) is as important as action. It’s a tough one to do as for decades we’ve been intentionally desensitized to these engineered sounds - who is going to put much thought around elevated noises coming from everyday products, machinery, synthesized sounds on the television, etc. Unfortunately this is why this plan is as ingenious as it is devious. Understandably the genetic manipulation invoked (via sound) is the most difficult aspect to swallow although folks like Jordan Maxwell have been saying all along that this is happening. What even Jordan likely didn't anticipate is that the trigger for invoking this change would be discovered - SOUND. There is so much power in this knowledge and now you all have it.

I’m not expecting an immediate favorable response; but be observant as the primary symptoms (extremely gradual) are vertical bulge/ridge formations on the forehead from the outer brow to the hairline, puffy/scaly & water resistant skin particularly in the hands/fingers (i.e. they can no longer prune); excessive crowding of bottom teeth causing front teeth to angle towards the back of the mouth. In the end this has no choice but to become public. The question will be whether the true cause will shine through. Perform your own research; be observant & it doesn’t hurt to throw the theory out, post on message boards, pose it to people (i.e. wouldn’t this make for a great Sci-Fi concept – human mutation caused by frequencies embedded in products for decades only to be manipulated without awareness around the false-fears of 2012); ridicule me in the process – I’m well beyond being afraid of public perception . At this point I don’t care as the truth is the truth whether people acknowledge it now or not.

As I see it this is the “smoking gun” humanity needs, as when the cause is flushed out as being SOUND (after all how could it be that someone could predict the coming of this), there will be a single place to point the finger to in regards to who (or what) could pull something like this off, and that finger will be pointing to the same “control scheme” that will be feeding the public lies & manipulating a course of action to further facilitate this chaotic agenda. This will in the most ironic of ways be the catalyst to bring upon individualistic self-determination & true global unity across all of humanity once and for all. No more imposed divisions based upon conditional belief sets. No more divisions based upon physical, social, political, religion, race, or other deliberately placed concepts that divide, control, & subdue.

p.s. remember the truth will act as a shield to what is to come so the minute you become aware of what is transpiring please make sure to immediately communicate to others the cause, SOUND, as it will have a destructive cascading effect on this entire BS agenda. truth --> awareness --> unity --> freedom. Take care.

08/11/11 - I'm probably 12 months ahead in terms of truly being understood with regard to what is transpiring, but if you're reading this it's a good start and that means you will be ahead in "the game" as well when this unfolds. Remember due to a dramatic & sudden "paranormal" awakening I have found myself in the middle of something as profound as it is startling. Since my experience began I have uncovered a handful of credible resources, Jordan Maxwell to be one of them, who have been making claims for over a year that the human race will be undergoing a significant mutation in the near future. Well that "near future" is unfortunately now. Here is the link - just listen to the first 10 minutes of it

Jordan Maxwell – “planned mutation of the human race” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaaE_3h6N54

Point being is I in no way am
a "conspriracy theorist" nor have I spent any significant amount of time researching any of these topics. I'm simply a guy in the Midwest working in the corporate world who has undergone a very significant & real experience in which I feel the information I have obtained needs to be shared for the benefit of all of you, even if it is to the detriment of my own reputation & well-being, which this certainly has been.

Although I certainly didn't come up with the concept of this "mutation" in a remarkable way I have uncovered the method - embedded sound frequencies & vibrational patterns in modern day engineered products & synthesized sounds that are being manipulated without public conscious awareness. Sure sound seems harmless enough but I am someone who has been targeted because of my suspicions, who was assaulted by SOUND of all things for weeks, and who has suddenly undergone mild yet noticeable physical transformations. This will all be corroborated soon but do please do see my cranial scans below as well as YouTube posts (tsaklar).
You see once you become consciously aware of these frequencies, many of which I've posted as examples, you will begin to hear them EVERYWHERE, 24/7, on pretty much everything broadcast on television, etc and this is no coincidence. I could go on & on but will close by simply laying out the top 5 contributors to these subconscious patterns/frequencies:
1. VENTILATION - heating & cooling units, public ventilation units, furnaces - essentially anywhere air is being pumped so are these patterns.
2. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION - subways, airplanes, buses, other motorized vehicles
3. MEDIA on the TV, Movies, Commercials, Music, etc - these frequencies have been planted everywhere - particularly in the form of high-pitched rings (like waving a magic wand) and sounds of NATURE
4. SOUNDS OF "NATURE" - yes this one is certainly the craziest of them all. Although I have my speculation I'm not going to go out on a limb right now and profess how I think this is being accomplished but just listen to your surroundings - birds, locusts, crickets, etc. If these sound odd to you well there is a reason.
5. PUBLIC PLACES - airports, malls, train stations, hypnotic music in pretty much every shop you walk into - basically anywhere people congregate it makes for a good target

In addition I’m finding others around the world that are starting to put some of the pieces together & are chiming in. Here are a few links where people were compelled to record & post:

http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=177796 – odd frequencies now omitting from street lights in UK (one of the contributors I posted weeks ago)

http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=173560 – strange sounds of “nature” someone decided to record & post (look at my #4 above)

http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=178073 – odd vibrational frequency someone was compelled to record – extremely similar to examples I have posted

In the end I’m a human being just like you & in that we need to start truly listening to one another. The truth will act as a shield so even if it is to ridicule me please just spread this concept. What harm can be in that? “Hey did you see what some bozo posted” or “wouldn’t this make for a cool SciFi theme”? I mean the concept is truly remarkable – to embed these patterns throughout modern day mechanics & synthesized sounds for decades to desensitize public awareness; only to be manipulated to bring upon chaos under a lie. No physical transformation will ever take away from our fundamental angelic nature as human beings. Please remember that, be observant, perform your own analysis & research to come to your own conclusions, and most importantly take care of yourselves & each other.

MRI VIDEO SHOWING PRECISE AREA OF UNNATURAL CHANGES invoked by these frequencies - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_Hqan5oZ88&feature=related

The medical scans have been ridiculous-- from me having to show up at the ER myself to have the MRI performed (was getting blocked from having them done despite the symptoms I was expressing -- completely makes no sense), to me not accepting that a comparison was performed with my 2008 scans in which upon retrieving the medical records I validated that a comparison WAS NOT performed, this after being told multiple times that it was. I've had to obtain copies of the scans myself from 2 different medical organizations, and on and on. All of this with regard to a patient who has suffered from headaches & is making claims that cranial structure has changed. Don't people find this to be just a bit odd?

More footage of restrictions being placed upon me from adding additional comments to YouTube videos (so much for freedom of speech) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgRfdcbqnYE

07/22/11 As suspected this attack is indeed GLOBAL, as indicated by the exact same frequencies & symptoms manifesting around me while overseas. I'm not entirely sure why this experience has presented itself so suddenly & profoundly. As I stated earlier the honest truth is that I had absolutely no concept of these "entities" a few months ago. Due to my awakening & resistance to their attacks I have been a target however in becoming so I have gained intimate knowledge of this race, their tactics, their capabilities & limitations, and even their emotional & intellectual similarities to us. I have seen their wicked joy expressed on countless occasions when performing a successful manipulation technique; and to the contrary I have seen their sheer expression of disappointment when things aren't going the way they had planned. They have a sense of humor yet make extremely rash decisions & reactions in a rather aggressive manner. They definitely seem to bond with one another & obtain a huge sense of joy when manipulating a human subject.

They also can pretty much hop into just about ANY human being for a short amount of time via 2 forms of hosting - (1) a more simple form in which they can share all 5 physical senses to observe, monitor the subjects physical/emotional state (i.e. their vitals which may indicate fear/stress), and can use their energies to present artificial forms of stimulation, both positive & negative. The other form (2) is much more alarming in which they can physically take over an entire subject in the form of "possession", yet when doing so they show obvious physical symptoms like eyes going black & emotionless, repetitive & pattern based blinking, licking of the lips from side-to-side, etc. In fact if you are consciously aware of your subconscious behaviors (i.e. blinking) you can rather easily detect when you have one of these entities piggy-backing off of your human "vessel". But the most alarming aspect to all of this is my awareness to the plot that has been executed to invoke gradual physical changes upon society via the usage of subconscious frequencies embedded in modern-day society (i.e. electrical/mechanical products) & synthesized sounds. I had noticed these gradual changes manifesting in just about everyone around me and only when I was bombarded with a massive dose of these frequencies did I correlate them with the physical changes as in the end I started developing them myself - corroborated by an MRI scan of my cranial structure & molds of my teeth. It should also be noted that these entities view this recent pressing forward with these frequencies as an "attack" against humanity as this was clearly communicated to me. The speculation is that once this is unveiled to the public the last thing anyone will consider is that a specific frequency range & vibrational pattern was the cause. Just remember the truth - that these manifestations are being invoked via SOUND.

Lastly it is largely compelling that with the introduction of modern day mechanics these frequencies have been buried in products for decades which subconsciously are weakening our minds or subtly changing our patterns to make us extremely susceptible to being hosted. Just plug your ears for a few min & it is highly likely you will still hear a high-pitched frequency with mild clicking resonating. This plan being executed is as ingenious as it is devious; however the truth behind it can go a long way & the further this information can be spread the better for all of humanity. It has been a "tit for tat" game with these entities in which I will continue posting more evidence & information should the harassment continue. Best Regards...

07/20/11 – Just a glimpse of the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE I have accumulated to substantiate everything I am saying in regards to the biological changes being invoked on society via subconscious frequencies embedded in media (television, music, etc), electrical/mechanical products, appliances, fans/cooling units – you name it; resulting in gradual ridge-formation in the forehead area (see below), growth in teeth, and skin/vein/tendon structural changes.

Below is a snapshot of the 100’s of medical MRI images I have obtained that indicate significant unnatural skeletal changes all around, more notably in the forehead area developing as V shape ridges from the brow to hairline, just as I have repeatedly been stating all along. Keep in mind these changes manifested in weeks’ time after being BOMBARDED with frequencies from “nature”, vehicles, airplanes, etc 24/7 most of which I have RECORDED. Whereas these changes have been extremely gradual for most, likely why they have gone unnoticed, I endured a massive dose of these frequencies for 3-4 weeks resulting in very rapid change. I have molds of my teeth that indicate similar unnatural change. Trust me I wish I was wrong about all of this but pictures don’t lie. I’ll keep these coming as needed.

07/18/11 PLEASE READit has been asked on numerous occasions how in the world I could have come to these completely profound, extraordinary, and off-the-wall conclusions. Well here is the abbreviated version (oh and greetings to those beyond our physical reality – and thanks ghost rider for buzzing the tower again today with the air show – made for some great footage):

-an over-the-top aggressive & rash reaction by these "entities" upon me recording a bit of the extreme anomalies I was seeing on my television with my phone.

-the response included of all things (be prepared for admittedly some completely bizarre stuff) a broadcast to my television in real-time by these entities pushing me to conclude that what I was experiencing was religious/satanic (which failed).

-the response included immediate observation of these entities while residing within HUMAN HOSTS from all around me for weeks - yes I have witnessed this 1000+ times in which I'm not sure if everyone can see the signs or not, but in short during full-on possession pupils of hosts become extremely dilated (eyes almost black), constant repetitive blinking, licking of the lips side-to-side, lack of emotional expression, and of course completely bizarre behavior. I've witnessed 2 forms of "possession" which I have outlined on the site. Also it's worth noting that when these entities are possessing a human host they rely on verbal/non-verbal interaction via the hosts to communicate (they seem to be limited to our physical reality).

-this "risk mitigation" operation involved primarily a BOMBARDMENT via SOUND for 3-4 weeks straight - everywhere I drove, manipulating sounds of "nature" around my house" - these are all things in which unbeknownst to "them" I have recorded.

-upon eventually putting earplugs in when sleeping I noticed a residual high-pitched ringing & clicking noise (like a hard-drive), resulting in a very compelling conclusion that these sounds subconsciously are resonating in the ear 24/7.

-likewise whereas I presume just about everyone affected is experiencing extremely gradual physical change my changes (although minimal) were brought upon in weeks' time due to this extremely intense bombardment via vibrational patterns & frequencies. Primary changes are slight ridges which developed in the forehead in a V shape pattern, unnatural growth of teeth, and slight but noticeable changes to skin/vein structure.

-lastly these "entities" have been harassing me ever since which is absolutely NO JOKE. I’d like to think that we share a “love/hate” relationship; and it should be noted that there is NO DOUBT there are benevolent entities that have among other things provided guidance, strength, & protection along the way. I know this sounds totally crazy but after performing some research trying to make some sense of this & listening to David Icke this is the ONLY conclusion to draw from this.

ALSO please remember that there isn’t a single physical manifestation that can take away from what YOU represent to the core as an individual nor can it take away from our angelic fundamentals and eternal connection to humanity. Should any physical transformations take place they will NEVER indicate any personal form of “sin” or demonic aspect. They are being invoked to cause fear, to cause guilt, and to cause a false perception of being judged. DO NOT ever blame yourself for your actions as the who or “what” to blame is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU in these entities. Remember the TRUTH as it starts with forgiving yourself and how easy it should be now for you to do that when you absolutely KNOW for a FACT it has been and is THESE ENTITIES, call them Reptilian or Demon, who have been manipulating devious & “sinful” behavior on humanity since day-1. I’ll say it again, DO NOT let yourself get caught up in any blame or guilt as demons and sin do indeed exist and they have had powerful strongholds on all of us for a very long time. I have somehow broken free of this stronghold, and as in the end I AM JUST LIKE YOU, there is absolutely no doubt you all can break free from this as well – through FAITH, complete serenity with who you are, open-mindedness, and with an open heart. Oh and with some EARPLUGS :). And remember there are many entities including those people close to you who are constantly listening so never be afraid to ask for help and it will be provided to you. P.S. I learned these subliminal “high-lighting” techniques from these entities as they can manipulate media, including results on the internet, in REAL-TIME. Don’t be fooled by any of these advanced-technology tactics as the intent in no doubt will be to perceive these as “supernatural” events, just like the smoke-and-mirrors that were performed on our ancient ancestors to view these entities as “GODS”….

Just a HANDFUL of the HUNDREDS of audio & video I have amassed over the past few weeks along with many other forms of physical evidence to corroborate this attack that has been initiated upon society:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P0Sk1WJ2Qk – Obvious Reptilian pupil & iris anomalies – being broadcast to my house 24/7

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIOfp-be4bo – Hypnotic pattern in EU airport

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svWkuQiB9d4 – hypnotic frequencies in London-Heathrow

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPuZzmdhbpc – example of vibrational frequencies & patterns engineered & planted in modern-day society for DECADES in preparation for this attack

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoV8f1tL9Yk – 2 of over 20 VEHICLES that enclosed me blasting me with vibrational patterns & frequencies for 3 days straight

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViIeq-lHQtQ – EXTREME Reptilian Shape-shifting – being broadcast to my house 24/7

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNEOY0adMDQ – same Reptilian symptoms on a bald head

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruojh48h5F4 – more VEHICLE bombardment on the highway (notice the alternating vibrations & frequencies)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2TR4bXuHMg – more examples of vibrational patterns & frequencies engineered & planted in electrical/mechanical products; listen to w/ headphones but only listen sparingly

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt3iQIKyxdc – example of hypnotic patterns in adult films – it is littered with this type of stuff

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pp9LLpCN5s – hypnotic & disturbing vibrational patterns & frequencies of “nature” that surrounded my house for weeks

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGm9jKEoVa0 – hypnotic “locusts” which migrated here after the birds…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23QMMREPUcQ – first is audio from a 2 week barrage of “bird” calls surrounding my house followed by synthesized birds from electronic devices; notice the commonalities with the extreme high-pitch, pattern, and frequency

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPANKloAhEc – example of high-pitched patterns & frequencies littered in movies & entering in through our subconscious – COMPARE WITH PRIOR POST of “nature” surrounding my house…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQUFdFq6uKE – eye “adjustment”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpR52xpaEng chem-trails have now followed me around in 3 different countries

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA0NKyS0cwMchem-trails have now followed me around in 3 different countries

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQw3ZWQRBlo – example – typical tongue maneuver

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dof8dTGKJKk – more SOUND examples – notice the common hypnotic & extremely high-pitched patterns & frequencies but please listen sparingly

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBYm2cFXxXs – pupil anomalies, blinking pattern, “half” blinks

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxdflZucAqQ – masked pupils & slits

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or_Bvuy4e5o – military “training” exercise – fly out to west-suburb, circle for an hour at low altitude, refuel and return….

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN4y6qfBNZ4 – one of about 15 military flights recorded “coincidentally” hovering at EXTREMELY low altitude where I happen to be located within the city

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tco91qZF4cA – same military operation – 12 various crafts seen circling my location in a single day & observed by many others around me

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGSsjXU2FdY – military – I have many more of these recorded

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPGEwTcqOmo - military

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLQ7MlbxTr0 – more military

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaxI61QfeNw – again more military flights at EXTREMELY low altitude circling my whereabouts throughout the city for days….


more possibly to come….

7/6/11 | Happy belated 4th to all, including those of and not of this dimension!

Consciousness Awakening From “The Matrix”

Only someone who has undergone this extraordinary experience can describe with intimate detail the series of events transpired, personal observations & experiences, impact to personal life, and ultimate grips & level of understanding pertaining to the bizarre reality in which we have labeled the experience as “life”. I am sharing this initial section not only to validate without a doubt the experience & knowledge I’m about to share, but ultimately the extreme importance of unfolding this information to others. I have been in an ongoing “negotiation” with these beings for many weeks now, prompted literally out of nowhere due to an extraordinary awakening & turn of events, and all attempts at reasoning with these beings has failed resulting in “bit by bit” sharing of information, with the end result to be to unleash everything should I be pushed in that direction.

First off let me state that such an understanding would never have been possible without the accumulation of experience & knowledge that others have shared, however it is primarily AFTER my own awakening did I correlate my experience almost verbatim with those of David Icke. It is through the following depiction of experience & impact it has had on my views of spirituality & reality that should provide 100% validation that what I am about to share is not only real to the minute detail, but an experience of one with such an analytical & scientific nature it has been substantiated with personal interactions with 1000’s of Anunnaki-Reptilians over the course of only a handful of weeks, although for reasons shared elsewhere it is now extremely evident that I have been a target by these beings (which is described in great detail in the greater collection of writings) for the past decade & possibly beyond.

· Fairy-tale life

o I need to preface who I am – I was born & raised in the Midwest in the mid 1970’s; well-educated with an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences, all the way through graduate school in the field of Computer Science. I have been able to quickly climb the ranks within one of the 5 largest technology companies in the world with an upper-level management position which has entailed 50+ visits to sites around the world supporting & managing a large-scale technology operation. I have spoken at a variety of seminars & vendor tradeshows – one of which was a keynote following Bill Gates in San Francisco in front of 3,000 people, the latest being this past May in Texas in front of an audience of 300. In terms of income, investments, and opportunity literally the sky is the limit in regards to corporate achievement, which of course was a huge driver in my ambitions to accelerate my career.

o I am a family man with strong international ties, viewed as extremely intellectual, grounded, rational, analytical, loving, compassionate, indiscriminate, embracing, charming, having uncanny visual & audio perceptions, having photographic accounts of experiences for decades, and as a charismatic gentleman; with an extremely large network of friends, colleagues, family, and acquaintances from around the globe. I am rather scientific in nature but extremely open-minded and extraordinarily innovative, both in regards to my professional career as well as my personal views & theories on universal & spiritual aspects. I have always been fascinated with a variety of sciences, quantum physics, ancient history, our universal existence, etc. It is extremely important to establish this baseline as prior to this year I really did not have ANY knowledge of a “Reptilian” agenda nor did I correlate any prior experiences with an inter-dimensional race. However a series of events have unfolded which have put me at the very forefront of a hidden war that is being waged upon humanity.

· Unwavering faith by overcoming exponential fear & sexual impulse

o It is apparent now that I have been over the years extremely attractive by these beings from beyond, primarily because of a bizarre “addiction” to pornography & a false perception & fear of a possible cardiac issue – both mind you have been planted on me for years by these beings in which their greed in seduction & manipulation has backfired on them more than they could have possibly imagined. The very first step in my awakening to the manipulation that was being placed upon me was overcoming these artificial stimulations by these beings in which now I have a complete understanding of not only their methods but also of the energies they can create within a human host to induce sensations such as arousal, fear, paranoia, etc. Also I should state that not only in today’s society can they host just about all individuals to plant these artificial energies to manipulate thought & emotion, they can flat out possess just about anyone for a short period of time. I have witnessed this occur over 1,000 times in the past month – this is what a huge risk I have been to these beings due to the uncanny resistance (which I’ll get into later) to their attacks but also due to the enormous wealth of knowledge I have about their mode of operation, tactics, advanced technology capability, as well as their limitations. Again however once I was able to overcome all fears (which honestly took about 5 years to fulfill) the awakening started to take place.

· Asking for truth, opportunity to progress humanity, and the creation of a unified religion

o Now this is extremely relevant as over the past 6 months or so not only have I opened my mind completely to act as a receiver to beings from beyond, primarily due to the comfort I had in who I am as a person to the core, but I also openly discussed these concepts with close friends of mine. Essentially I had no reservations with being read completely as a book – and yes of course I have made some extremely poor decisions in my life which had taken me to dark places, but it is through those mistakes and overcoming darkness that I developed such a sense of unwavering faith, was able to hurdle over any guilt or blame I had of myself; and had reached a state in my life where concepts around understanding our true meaning, the desire for us as a race to be focused on how we can progress as a race as opposed to as individuals, and understanding the limits within our current forms of religion while redefining what religion should be all about – which is our universal existence which is all embracing, with no beginning & no end, and no individuality. What is astonishing is that these concepts presented themselves to me with such velocity it was and still is very difficult to fully grasp & control. But again stage-2 of my awakening was to channel my own intentions and ask to be heard from those around me and beyond, in which there is no doubt I was heard and responded to in the most profound of ways.

· Awakening through a series of startling discoveries

o I had speculated over a year ago through my discoveries with adult films (I know lame but everything happens for a reason) that subconscious & suggestive messages were littered throughout pornography. I now fully understand that because I have been meticulously targeted by these beings some of these messages were actually intended specifically for me. But basically a series of audible anomalies inspired me to do a bit of research. I uncovered all sorts of odd hypnosis types of suggestions via verses repeatedly spoken, hissing & tweeting sounds all over the place, and underlying trance-like music which didn’t take an expert to realize the significance. But it was the visual anomalies that were the most startling.

o After watching some documentaries on 9/11 and realizing my initial reaction to the ”conspiracy theories” of “whatever” were so narrow-sighted I was led to some related videos on the Reptilian entities (praise YouTube). What was striking was that just about all of the visual anomalies of the many accounts of these beings were present in the collection of adult films I had downloaded. So much that I decided to perform some research and was amazed to find 100’s of comparable traits in less than an hour – ranging from the jagged teeth, to masked pupils, to misshapen pupils, to formations in the skull on the forehead, to actual instances of shape shifting occurring on the screen. Now I still didn’t think much of it but after a couple of days of investigating I figured I would apply the same analysis towards my television and was absolutely stunned to find all of the same anomalies occurring on my television. Now this happened for days and it was pretty much every episode of anything on any channel demonstrated these characteristics.

o I was a little freaked out and one night something so bizarre happened on my television that I decided to record a bit of it on my phone and this led to a massive turn of events that lasted 8 weeks straight to this very day. In short what I didn’t realize at the time was I was being manipulated and groomed for what I speculate as a “religious” prophet so to speak, with experiences of “angels & demons” being planted on me for a decade in which these beings would have never figured that I would have copped on to what was really behind it all, nor did they anticipate me every overcoming my fears & “awakening”, nor did they expect me to recognize what was happening on the screen & obtaining proof, which I didn’t even realize at the time.

· Encounters with 1000’s of inter-dimensional beings

o This led to an immediate reaction by these beings in which I witnessed them hosting individuals all around me everywhere – from family, to friends, to everyone in public, to 1000’s of coworkers. While hosting a human they portray very noticeable & repeatable traits in their eyes & pupils & they constantly lick their lips from side to side. The pupils become EXTREMELY dilated, their posture changes, their behavior changes, their expression of emotion is extremely limited, and on and on and on. I have seen this so many times I can outline precisely the symptoms. On top of that there are 2 forms of hosting which can be achieved – one which I describe as “spying & manipulating” where they can share all of the 5 senses of a host while manipulating each (primarily sense of touch) and one where full-on possession can take place. At this point in time I seem to be the ONLY one resistant to the possession type of attack. Point being is I unknowingly became a massive risk-assessment operation in which I had a feeling what was going on but was able to carry out my daily routine & professional/social engagements without much issue. This allowed me to gain so much knowledge & 1000’s of articles of proof (which is shared later) that they literally dug themselves into a serious hole.

o It should also be mentioned that there are some stark limitations that these beings have while hosting a human, from only being able to “temporarily” take control of a host, to requiring physical communication via verbal & non-verbal messages to one another (i.e. when in our physical reality they seem limited to our physical boundaries). Additional limitations as well as their technological capabilities are shared in much further detail in the other sections.

· Being groomed as a “prophet” for the coming of days

o As mentioned prior it is now evident that I was being groomed towards religion, with the speculation being that either I needed to interpret was is to come as religious so that I wouldn’t be a risk or I was being used as a human to manipulate other humans. I think it was both as remember I have been extraordinarily resistant to their mental attacks in which I was able to also somehow break free of their hypnosis effect. Rather profound & certainly not a coincidence.

· Physical anomalies begin manifesting in humans

o It was a starting discovery when I realized that the people around me, primarily in the workplace, started showing signs of physical anomalies representing the historic accounts of the Reptilian race and those observed in the hours of video footage primarily being broadcast through my television. The most noticeable features included teeth that were growing & changing to become more “fang-like” & crowded, forcing bottom teeth to start angling inward towards the mouth, ridges that were forming ever so slightly from brow to hairline on the forehead, and a change in skin-structure as if skin were becoming more “leathery”, resulting in more pronounced vein structure & tendons in the neck area. People were also blinking like mad – very repetitious with multiple uncontrollable blinks. My first thought this was my visual attunement to the hosting & possession that was taking place and not an actual physical change, but I was mistaken as you’ll read more about below.

· Being protected & guided from beyond our physical reality

o I have obtained numerous messages in various forms from beyond, in which case my speculation is that there are other forces working to help find balance & harmony to break humanity free from this controlled-state & hypnosis we have been under for literally eons. I also do not find it at all coincidental that I as a subject not only show 100% resistance to these attacks, but that I am also able to decipher what exactly has transpired with literal ease. Also it is apparent that even my willingness to share this information is affirmation that my experience has been carefully selected, in which I have been equally careful how I have chosen to handle it. Again I still am looking for a “middle-ground” but am 100% willing to go as far as needed to bring a cease to these attacks.

· Enduring an attack that lasted 6 weeks straight including a false incarceration on allegations of being “mentally ill” and “dangerous” despite not a single experience shared being refutable

o In addition to the weeks of “observation” & suggestive influence by these beings I started noticing all sorts of anomalies with regard to sound, at first with regard to sounds resonating & vibrating from appliances, hissssssing speech coming from my television, tweets & “bells” in synthesized sounds of television, commercials, and a massive amount of bird calls surrounding my house. At first I simply found this to be odd but over a matter of just a week they slowly escalated & intensified, with birds literally BLASTING me every time I stepped outside with very high-pitched frequencies & patterns. The thing is the sounds all shared extreme commonality with regard to their pattern & frequency.

o Next began a VERY INTENSE operation which involved 3 days straight, 24/7 of various vehicles following me, blasting massive forms of sounds ranging from high-pitched frequencies to extremely loud muffler blasts. I had semi-trucks in which a high-pitched siren could be heard from a mile away blasting these sounds in which I would intentionally pull alongside them as I was RECORDING all of this. Literally had 20 vehicles blasting various sounds on the road in a matter of about 90 minutes of driving over a couple of days.

o I then started noticing all sorts of siren-like sounds surrounding my house, birds being intensified, appliances getting louder, electrical current frequencies from lighting, and on and on and on.

o This then escalated into military planes “coincidentally” flying missions which coordinated with my exact location for days, all the while blasting odd noises & flying at extremely low altitude. In a span of 30 minutes I recorded 4 different planes which sort of resembled the “ghost” plane seen on 9/11 and have subsequently recorded DOZENS of them.

o Then something extremely odd & extraordinary happened – as I was sleeping the sound was so disruptive I started to wear earplugs, and low and behold I could still hear resonating “clicks” and high-pitched sounds in my ears for hours. Essentially these sounds patterns were causing a 24/7 resonation in the ears which subconsciously I had subjected myself to intensely for weeks.

· Correlating physical biological changes invoked & hypnotic state with SOUND

o It was evident that there was obvious intention of conducting such a large scale operation leveraging sound as the key element. My initial speculation was that through frequencies & patterns the mass-form of hypnosis being placed upon society could be manifested & that the sound resonation over time was weakening the human mind to make it more susceptible to the 2 forms of hosting. I still believe this to be the case, however after wearing a retainer on my teeth for about a year I woke up one morning and my teeth hurt like hell. Upon further inspection my teeth had changed significantly. I had of course been keeping a baseline of my own physical features due to my observations of changes manifesting in others but what I hadn’t realized is that these changes were being invoke via SOUND PATTERNS. I then noticed when showering my right arm was EXTREMELY water resistant, had puffier skin, and new vein structure that was forming. On top of that I started to see changes to my skull structure on my forehead; although slight they are very apparently to me with ridges forming in a V shape pattern from the inner and outer eyebrow vertically up to the hair line. Now keep in mind these were the EXACT physical anomalies I had started noticing in others around me.

o The obvious conclusion was that these sound patterns & frequencies were manifesting some sort of physical change in people ever so gradually, and that these patterns & sounds have been intentionally planted & engineered into just about all electrical & mechanical products on the market to desensitize our awareness of them. Now that we are processing these sounds entirely through our subconscious they can be manipulated without our awareness, resulting in invoking physical changes likely by activating suppressed genes within the human genome. You then need to start asking the questions, why?

o Well #1, by planting these in modern-day society our minds have been and continue to be weakened, making us extremely susceptible to hypnosis, control, manipulation, and hosting. But on top of that these physical manifestations can and will likely be interpreted as RELIGIOUS or SPIRITUAL events once they are unfolded to the public. This will be a complete lie, with this being planned from the very get-go as a failsafe or “end-game” measure to bring upon the perception of the “end of days”, Revelations, the coming of Lucifer, WWIII, and the final step in the creation of the New World Order.

· Gaining intimate knowledge & perspective from these beings due to their rash & aggressive handling of the situation

o I have had so many encounters with these beings, predominantly when they were completely unaware that I had realized their hosting & possession capability thus they were a little “careless” – that I have picked up their emotional state at times, their manipulation techniques, use of positive/negative energies to manipulation emotion & thought, use of advanced technology capability, and physical characteristics & how to detect even when you have a host within you (primarily by being aware of your subconscious behaviors such as blinking & licking of the lips; if you are in tune with your consciousness you can also sense their energies as well – or at least I can). I have also seen their wicked joy expressed when performing a successful manipulation, as well as sheer disappointment when things aren’t going their way. They have a sense of humor and seem to bond with one another. Oddly enough we are a lot alike in many ways; they just have it in for us for some reason, and based upon my experience it is to use us as vessels to “get off” on, like a human-drug, primarily in the form of sexual impulse, fear, paranoia, and obsession. I do sense that not all of them quite agree with their steadfast agenda and have seen some minor sense of empathy, primarily from their female entities (who still to this day I’d like to meet one day :).

· Accumulating a wealth of physical evidence – I mean 1000’s of articles ranging from molds of teeth that show rapid change, 100 hours of audio footage, recordings of conversations with humans that are hosted, 100 hours of video of sound bombardments, 100 hours of adult films which contain 1000’s of physical anomalies, on screen shape-shifting, audio anomalies & subconscious suggestions, 100 hours of DVR material containing 1000’s of physical & audible anomalies, filmed military operation that lasted days, MRI scans, photos, journal entries, and on and on and on….

o Essentially I have been in a “battle” with these entities for 8 weeks now with every attempt at reconciliation or reasoning failing miserably. Of course I was led to believe multiple times that they were going to back down simply to find manipulation after manipulation while they regrouped to determine a more secretive & devious approach to fulfilling their objective – which is to mitigate this major human risk from exposing their presence & agenda by weakening me to succumb to hypnotic suggestion & fear, which after 1000’s of various forms of attack simply at this point is never going to happen.

o It is through these attacks & experiences that I (unbeknownst to them) gained countless forms of physical evidence – enough to blow this whole thing open at ease. I often ask myself why I haven’t done so yet with the primary reason being my human-idealistic nature in hopes that we will eventually be able to find balance & harmony which slowly but surely I’m beginning to learn just simply isn’t going to happen.

o There is so much irony in how this progressed it’s not even funny – by years of manipulation of planting false fears & seduction on the subject (me), to pushing the subject to open his mind to endless possibilities & developing unwavering faith, to performing a very rash reaction to the chain of events which allowed me to realize exactly the level of knowledge & corresponding proof I had acquired, to the full-on attack which allowed me to correlate the sound patterns & frequencies to the physical changes manifesting, to understanding their devious tactics & agenda, and on and on and on. It is literally through their repeated actions & missteps, as if we were following a very specific & detailed script, that I have been able amass so much knowledge, evidence, & personal-harmony in such an extraordinarily short amount of time (only 8 weeks or so)

o All of this evidence is spread across 100’s of places btw, from external hard-drives, to memory sticks, to laptops, to file-servers, to websites, to DVD’s, to DVR’s, to physical anomalies present on myself by comparing teeth molds, skin, vein structure, and of course skull structure on the forehead. It’s all over the place in the event that it needs to be brought forward which is looking more & more likely by the day.

· Complete change in perspective of reality, importance, & a new taste of “life”

o Imagine waking up one day and realizing your entire existence has been based upon a lie – and not only that realizing the true hand of creation. On top of that coming to a realization of the intent & meaning of religion, angels & demons, how people are constantly being manipulated in the most devious of methods – some which are be groomed as “prophets”. Imagine the comfort in knowing that our physical reality is only a sliver of our true meaning and existence. Imagine seeing first-hand 1000’s of times the consciousness or “soul” completely separated from the physical body and imagine the comfort knowing that our bodies are simply vessels, but unfortunately vessels that can be piggy-backed off of by other entities – some of which are there to help & protect mind you. Imagine all the learned “joys” of this physical world such as mainstream entertainment being instantly turned to garbage. I mean it’s like when you learned that professional wrestling was staged, except on the scale of life.

o Imagine knowing that we are not alone, however experiencing the sheer disappointment knowing that there is a race of beings who are our creator as well as our destroyer. Imagine being invaded on all levels – privacy, professionally, personally, socially, and having to come to grips with a reality crumbling around you at all levels. Imagine going from a fast-track driven high-profile career to being labeled, simply due to the fact that the vast majority has not undergone such an awakening. Imagine trying to deal with these entities for 8 weeks straight, attempting to reason, being on the defensive, expressing appreciation & love yet biting back when feeling threatened (that must be the Reptilian in me :). In the end I have recognized what it means to truly be human along with the endless love, compassion, and empathy I share with all of you and with all beings, ironically enough even with these damn Reptilians.

o See what I have realized is that our universal existence includes beings & entities of all shapes and sizes and on all spectrums, and for whatever reason these entities are compelled by demonic behaviors & thoughts on the complete other spectrum of the true nature of humanity. Coming to these revelations has been a wonder despite all of the hardships. Coming to these revelations has been the most profound & extraordinary realization one could ever experience. Coming to these revelations is what it means to “Awaken”, and I hope by sharing this you have realized just how real and important all of this information is to absorb & share, as it’s the truth…..

7/2/11 | perhaps this one will create inspiration to finally call it off….


First off let me state that should such an event take place in the near-future this will in NO WAY represent a spiritual or religious event, it has been planned likely since the existence of man and the implantation of modern day religion, it will feed off of people’s fear of Lucifer, being judged, it will involved physical transformation of society being invoked TODAY through the use of SOUND (via manifestation of suppressed genes in the human genome), we will be told COMPLETE LIES as to why this physical transformation is taking place, these beings will pray upon the belief-sets of Christianity, invoking fear of “judgment day” and looking for complacency while people take no action while putting faith in a “messiah”, it will leverage a movie-like production leveraging the media to unfold this story to the masses, it will leverage advanced technology which we aren’t privy to likely to enact “natural” disasters, likely to cause electrical & computer systems to go haywire, symbolism of Lucifer & the “4 horsemen”, and of course it will leverage the capability of human hosting and full-on possession of bodies to cause chaos, fear, and attempt to “prove” to the public the false lie that this is indeed a religious event. It will also likely capitalize on the false-prophecies of the coming of days in 2012, heightening the awareness of the Mayan calendar while instating false prophets (as I was being groomed for) to manipulate humanity into creating their own perception of the coming of the end while laying claims of what needs to be done to get through it – which of course will be to follow the EXACT AGENDA being put forth as we speak by these advanced beings. Remember there is absolutely nothing religious or spiritual with regard to what is likely to transpire, nor is there any need to fear what is in store. Now tell me when this actually happens how could it be that someone so far in advance could predict it? Well I can also predict how we will need to get through it so read on as this message is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, and as I‘ve stated prior if needed I will dedicate my life to exposing this for what it is if continued to be pushed into that direction.

Now that the Anunnaki/Reptilian race has been CONFIRMED to exist through the 1000’s of personal experiences corroborated by countless forms of physical evidence (which I will unveil if pushed in that direction) one can only presume that the Illuminati, the hidden hand of the Reptilian race on Earth here to push it’s agenda of manipulation, control, and the ultimate target of the New World Order, is not only in full-effect but has been in place since the existence of man. It is here within the Illumati that after doing a bit of research in regards to the NWO agenda that a revelation about REVELATIONS has emerged.

Looking at my own experience and history it is now obvious that I have been a target for multiple reasons for over a decade. It has been confirmed that through the use of TECHNOLOGY, predominantly via sounds/frequencies/patterns that have been embedded within modern-day society (i.e. motorized, electrical, and mechanical products); synthesized in television, music, movies, and masked as sounds of “nature” (i.e. birds, locusts, crickets, etc), the Reptilian / Illuminati are invoking biological physical changes to the mass public. In addition there is strong speculation that these frequencies are causing mental fatigue by a constant 24/7 resonation in the ears increasing susceptibility to 2 forms of hosting by the Reptilian entities – (1) a form of hosting in which the entity can reside within a human host to monitor & record all physical senses while using various forms of energy to manipulate thought, arousal, fear, and emotion; and (2) a full-on bodily possession of the human host. There is also strong speculation that these frequencies are causing some sort of subconscious block or mass-hypnosis keeping the public eye immune to these changes represented on the screen as well as within themselves, at least for the near-term.

I seem to have been targeted initially due to an extraordinary form of resistance both to the physical changes invoked but more importantly to the mental attacks being placed upon us in secrecy, with myself either overcoming these forms of possession overtime or being more or less immune from the get-go – with the caveat that these entities are invited in INSTANTLY for type-1 hosting upon smoking cannabis in which unbeknownst to me I had performed numerous times and it is generally in these situations that the largest manipulation attempts were placed upon me.

First came an unexpected “addiction” to pornography starting about a decade ago in which simply watching it for hours took place many times without much of any sexual arousal. What an odd form of addiction which now has obviously been STRONGLY influenced by these beings if not flat-out controlled. My initial speculation as to why this was performed was due to the fascination this race has with sex, in which upon hosting a human subject they can share physical senses thus humans would likely be used all the time as an “avatar” so to speak to get-off from. I mean what a fascinating concept – using human hosts as the ultimate “drug” to get high off of fear, sex, paranoia, obsession, and other traits represented in the R or Reptilian brain. And although I firmly believe this may have been the initial intention of these beings, now that I can look back on the past decade and recount with precise detail numerous occasions in which full out possession by these entities occurred, many times out in public or at social events (i.e. after hours parties) it seems apparent that I was dually targeted because of my unique resistance to these types of possession.

So why would me being resistant even be important to these entities? Well at first I’m sure it posed a nice little game as well as a real challenge from the norm which I’m sure was capitalized on numerous times as an ultimate form of entertainment. But beyond that with an agenda now recognized to be in the works for centuries & implemented decades ago should an end-state involve supernatural events someone who has a rather scientific nature (i.e. me) they would either need to eventually succumb to the attacks or view these events in a religious fashion to truly be eliminated as a risk to exposing the truth. And after a decade long attempt at manipulation without the subject even coming close to copping onto really what was happening around him, what would the risk be of me actually deciphering the real-hand behind all of this – pretty much next to none.

So first was the influenced obsession with pornography in which 18 months ago I had speculated that suggestive & subconscious messages were being planted all throughout pornography; I mean after all I had become quite a resident expert. I had even mentioned this to a friend multiple times and although I was inclined to dig into this concept further I just figured I would put it on the back-burner. Then a very bizarre thing happened upon me uncovering numerous fascinating accounts of these reptilian entities primarily on Youtube from various people posting as well as from some of the clips of David Icke. Fascinating stuff indeed in which I saw a lot of parallels in the physical anomalies being described with those I was noticing in pornography in which at the time I really didn’t have much of a reference. So this inspired me to do some very light investigative work and I was shocked to discover 100’s of anomalies in the pornography in just a single research session.

Very odd indeed but it gets better – I started downloading some films off of Vuze to do some further “research” and I came across a video that completely caught me off guard. I mean this one had the most notissssable anomalies seen to date as well as an OBVIOUS HYPNOTIC clicking that lasted about 7 seconds completely out of place (which subsequently matches exactly to the clicking frequencies observed in electrical products discovered after the fact of course). But on top of that it had a number of planted “fantasies” of mine. I won’t get into the details but it was pretty obvious this film was tailored for me with the intention of keeping me on the porn. The level of subconscious suggestion was also increased SIGNIFICANTLY as they have obviously been adjusting the frequencies for years to try to get them to have an impact on me. I have all of these porn videos on video as well which upon analysis the veil would be uncovered immediately.

But looking deeper than just the subconscious “sinful” influence being placed upon me to keep me locked into the porn it is now apparent there were HUGE steps being taken to affect my personal life to keep me locked into a logistical state where these influences could be maintained. Basically think about the extraordinary influence & power these beings have, the extent in which they executed an “attack” to try and keep the information I obtained from being communicated outward, and then you can start piecing together that such lengths were being taken time and time again throughout the past decade – lengths to keep me on my own, single, where I would be most prone to succumbing to their extreme powers of suggestive influence & locked into pornography which I’ll get to in a minute.

Again all of this seems to be related to keeping the subject “hooked” on pornography to facilitate an agenda. Well after performing research and identifying the 1000’s of subconscious suggestions, hissings, tweets, synthesized sounds, etc I know how come to a VERY STRONG conclusion that the intent was to continue exposing me to a variety of SOUNDS, just like the sounds being subconsciously blasted in modern-day society & the television, until it started having the same effect as it was on the mass public – which is hypnotic state to subconsciously block out what was happening, invoke physical/biological change, and invoke mental weakness & susceptibility to possession. I mean it’s pretty much a no-brainer that this agenda had been pushed upon me due to my resistance for a decade, but it didn’t end with the porn.

There was a plan-B in place that was being executed in parallel in the event that the sound-induced changes were not able to take affect and that was to condition the subject with fear, sin, judgment, and an interpretation of these ongoing “bizarre” events and presumably what is to come as RELIGIOUS events. And the manipulation in regards to this was even deeper than keeping me onto the porn. It started about 7 years ago with some minor fears of death being placed upon me – starting with some false sense of cardiac issues such as constriction of the chest, fear/paranoia energy boosts, and subconscious suggestion. This was followed by an initial placement of Satan being put upon me in a casual discussion with friends where they repeatedly said those who didn’t believe in Christ would be going to hell, all the while (unbeknownst to me at the time) getting blasted with negative energy to cause paranoia.

Next was a series of about 10 of these episodes ranging from people in public randomly looking over and saying, “he’s a fallen angel & doesn’t even know it” to various fear induced episodes when I was experiencing “sin”, to “angels & demons” playing the role of “good buy vs. bad guy” either advocating my salvation or causing fear of being damned, similar to having your soul on trial. This happened on multiple occasions, but looking back on it I always found it interesting that the “beings” performing these acts in human-hosts were always commingling and communicating with each other in a physical sense (i.e. verbal & non-verbal communication). I mean why would angels & demons need to interact with each other via talking discreetly with one another to plot out their next move?

The more recent episodes involved the bizarre incidences on the television, in which the intent was to get me to have a strong sense that I had an encounter with Satan who was trying to vie for my “soul” in which I got a second chance provided to me by an “angel”, and lastly a group of friends for no reason chanting “Revelations…Revelations….Revelations….”, followed by angels being brought up, a big poster of “The Devil Inside” being hung up in the basement (subconscious influence), a friend asking another friend whether he talked to that “angel” inside, a couple telling me how they recently found religion, with the craziest part of this episode having a friend bring up the passing of a nephew from a couple of years ago in which after I responded that I have a picture of him on my fireplace with an angel looking down upon him, a girl walked up to him and said “I can’t believe you did that” in which he looked over at a group of friends, smiles, and says, “it looks like I’m winning”. Looking back on it this was an obvious manipulation attempt to push me again towards religion.

I was also planted with the number 444 by a friend, which was followed by a song on a disc in a friend’s car beginning at 4:44 as opposed to :01 at the EXACT moment I was first speaking to anyone about the 444 (remember all electrical products can be manipulated in real-time), which I was then later told by another friend that this mean that “angels were surrounding you”, which was then followed by “birds” waking me up at 4:44am 2 mornings in a row in which I was told by a friend that “birds were a sign that angels were around you”, which to top it off was followed by the same friend who planted the 444 on me stating that some anomalies I was seeing in Facebook (see coincidences) were “signs from god”.

But it doesn’t stop there – even song lyrics, particularly those manifesting coincidentally in just about all of the 10-15 songs I’ve listened to the most from the latest albums of my 2 favorite bands of the last 5 years, seemed strongly influenced to start planting these same concepts on me with thoughts of being “dead”, salvation, heaven, hell, possession, reckoner, faith, and on and on and on. It’s simply amazing but now that I recognize what a risk I have been this whole time it makes sense that these lengths were being made.

Something extraordinary happened that totally took these beings off guard – I mean to have plan A fail would have been a disappointment, to have both plan A and plan B fail would have been a huge disappointment, but to have BOTH plans FAIL and then have the subject actually discovery the TRUTH behind all of this was simply NOTHING they could have planned for; however they obviously had some final “safe guards” in place in the event this happened.

The additional mitigation should neither of these manipulation attempts be successful began the form of threat & intimidation (they have everything I have done on video from my OWN PERSPECTIVE & EYES which I’m sure will be used against me and others as I’ll talk about in more detail below. This was then escalated to an all-out assault first with sounds of “nature” being planted all around my house, airplanes flying around 24/7 blasting sound everywhere, electrical products & appliances blasting hidden frequencies, vehicle following me for days blasting noises, and on and on and on. The sounds were then planted throughout the ENTIRE CITY, in all public places, planted in trees everywhere – I mean this operation included 24/7 monitoring of me for weeks by 1000’s of these entities hosting humans, a full-on military operation with “semi” trucks, military planes – you’re talking 100’s of vehicles. This was a flat out enormous risk management operation, so what do you think was going their heads when the worst-case scenario (with me) was coming to light larger than they could have expected?

The next thing came delay tactics and a strong attempt at getting me back into the family life, but the thing is I was so fed up with the 5 week harassment I decided to post my experiences on Facebook and low and behold the major operation ceased the very next day. But of course it didn’t stop there – as soon as I purchased DVDR’s to make a statement I was going to record the mountains of evidence onto I got arrested the following day on FALSE allegations of being MENTALLY ILL and DANGEROUS. Really? Prove to me a single thing I stated in my experience along with the wealth of evidence that I have didn’t happen…..oh you can’t.

Then a credibility blast took place obviously to either make me out to be a “druggie” or mentally disturbed, neither of which have any merit. After that they decided to incarcerate me for 11 days while forcing me to experience SSRI discontinuation syndrome, followed by more attacks while incarcerated, followed by more attacks upon my release. Well nothing has worked and in fact throughout all of this I have accumulated so much knowledge & evidence it’s not even funny. I have enough to blow this open tomorrow if I wanted to and trust me I starting to think strongly about it due to these beings simply not backing off; I mean they are relentless.

But let’s get back to the WHY the immediate plan should the mental attack not have any effect was to push me towards RELIGION. First you need to recognize not only the positives of religious faith but also the glaring negatives. First off religion in our reality forces people to NEED to subscribe to a “man-made” DEFINED set of beliefs in order to reach “salvation”. And in fact as long as you subscribe to your belief system, you will be “saved”. Does anyone see a problem with this?

First off there are countless forms of religion to subscribe to (including atheism), so immediately out of the gate we as humans are forced down a path of DIVISION. Next there are a certain set of beliefs or behaviors that must be ENFORCED, including rituals that include drinking blood….er wine (I’m sure the Reptilians are still laughing at the fact we’ve been convinced into performing this one), and irregardless of any angelic behaviors you have on this world (such as the demonstration of pure compassion & empathy towards others) you will be damned for all of eternity should you not follow these beliefs / behaviors. And let’s think about that for a second – how many people out there subscribe to a belief system due to the fear of Lucifer & eternal damnation as opposed to the eternal love of human connection? This is a fear-based driven belief system in which you can literally get away with “murder” as long as in the end you “believe”.

But let’s continue – these religion ultimate preach arrogance when it comes to which is “right”, and which is “wrong”. I mean do these religions embrace any of their peers to the point where everyone has the potential to be saved? Absolutely not, so who is to say which one is right? Is it an emperor from around 350 AD who leveraged a collection of hand-picked texts he felt would be of most use to unite a divided kingdom? If so you are subscribing to the Christian religion, and in through those decisions of Constantine are the reasons to this day why woman are no viewed as “privileged” enough to serve in the priesthood despite this being the norm prior to his hand-picked agenda. Also the expansion of this “agenda” and Roman “empire” is the primary reason why the majority of Europe spreading over to the United States is now based upon a Christian belief. I mean do you really believe the native Europeans had much of a choice when it came to subscribing to a belief system? They were BRUTALLY conquered, conditioned, and killed if they diverged. Take a look at early scientific discoveries that may have challenged the belief system – these breakthroughs were apparently “too soon to be accepted” or viewed as a “risk to the expanding agenda” so the discoveries along with the discoverers were often locked away for the rest of their lives. Of course this nature can be expanded to pretty much all forms of religion – one in which a set of beliefs are forced and pushed down to a group of people as opposed to allowing freedom of choice. And now that there are just a handful of dominating religions with the masses already subscribed to them there is simply no need to force the hand as WE FORCE IT UPON OURSELVES through upbringing. Why aren’t these the stories that are taught in our history & religious classes?

Lastly since we’re on the topic of Christianity (I’ll explain why this is the focus later) let’s explore the complacency aspect as I’ve heard it too many times to ignore – simply put your faith in god and everything will turn out fine. Again I’m all for putting faith in god and it is through that faith that I have been able to endure, but wouldn’t stopping there be a pure disappointment in the eyes of god? God is there to provide guidance & protection, but not there to promote a bunch of non-thinkers and non-action oriented people. We are human, we have lives to maintain, we have decisions to make on our own, and it is through GOD that we will make OUR OWN and CORRECT DECISIONS. God would certainly not want people to stand around and let destruction run its course. God would certainly not want folks to collect themselves in a box and simply pray should “Lucifer” come down to play games on humanity. God can and will manifest in all of us, and it is up to US to truly become the angels of Revelations. We must manifest our own angelic qualities should we need to overcome, and we will.

Atheists don’t be fooled – you were only partially correct in your belief system, in which you’re likely open minded enough to think that it’s more likely than not our “creator” was of extraterrestrial origin as opposed to an almighty god, in which case you would be correct! And do not let yourself have the wool pulled over your eyes to think that you were wrong and now your souls are damned. This will simply be a manipulation technique – all humans bonding together form the ultimate religion against any demonic entity, whether it is falsely represented as Lucifer or Hades.

Deception at all levels including those at the heads of major religions, predominantly Christianity as this is where the true money, control, and power is – not only with regard to the ones running it but also within the people who have subscribed to this belief – the upper class, the working class, the privileged, the people of the “free” country – if you can control and manipulate this segment the rest will fall into place on its own. Lucifer does exist in a physical sense and has corrupted & deceived all major forms of religion to work on his behalf.

People will likely be asked to “put their faith in god” and the “messiah” and everything will turn out ok. We most certainly put our faith into god and our own personal messiah’s, but we cannot afford to buy into these words completely, nor can we afford to be stagnant. The “messiah” does live in each and every one of us and waiting around with no action is simply not what our heavenly entities would want us to do. You see heavenly entities can not only offer us assistance, but they live within each and every one of us. There has been a hidden war between angels and demons since the existence of humanity, and WE ARE THE ANGELS. We are the ones who must rise above to fend off the demonic attacks and influences; we are the ones who must act upon behalf of our god and of each other. Mark my words – upon the “reckoning” you will be asked to put your faith in go with the implication that will be enough. If there is truly a war in the mix with demonic entities do you think that waiting around and doing nothing is really going to bring upon salvation? Maintain your faith, and through your faith YOU will have the STRENGTH to determine your OWN path, and remember ANY PATH YOU CHOOSE will bring upon salvation, in which you certainly DO NOT need to follow any particular path of what you’ve been told to do.

Throughout my experience I have been told and influenced many times to simply “have faith and everything will sort itself out”. Yes I will maintain my faith, but in doing so it will provide me with the strength to ENSURE everything gets sorted out. This is what god has asked of us and this is what we need to do for each other. I have also been told to simply “put my faith in god to let him sort it out”. Can you see the level of deception here? Don’t do anything, simply pray and have unwavering faith, go to church and you will be saved. Or in other words be complacent while we progress our agenda and attacks. Praying will absolutely be important as well as demonstrating your unwavering faith, but we cannot be naïve enough to think that complacency alone is what is going to bring about change. This is the deception that has always been placed upon us and look where it has gotten us. Again you must ask if there is someone out there who can predict the coming of such events, then surely this person can predict the level of deceit we will likely experience throughout it as well as the complete necessity for us as a human race to be self-determined and UNITE, regardless of whatever faith we have subscribed to.

The time will be coming soon for a universal form of religion – one that brings people together as opposed to divides; one that preaches love, hope and harmony across all beings as opposed to driving behavior based upon fear and a symbol of fear in Lucifer. This religion will recognize the wonders of creation and the sliver of existence that man represents as opposed to expressing arrogance of a single god whose focus it was and is to revolve around the Earth and humankind. God does exist and we ALL represent a part of our creator. We are both at the same time the creator and its creation. It is up to US to determine how we will progress throughout our eternal existence.

My conditioning to become a person of religious faith and subsequently a prophet telling of my experience with “Lucifer” is now not only blatantly obvious but I now have such insight and understanding into why this was to be. First off as mentioned earlier the transformational process through the use of various TECHNOLOGIES, in this case the primary form being sound patterns & frequencies, was simply not working. The decade long attempts at getting me to succumb we also not working, so out popped the idea of let’s incrementally “condition” him to think that (a) he could possibly be in a purgatory state invoking a false fear of death, (b) invoke thoughts of judgment and only through a subscription into a belief system (which will subsequently be manipulated immensely upon the coming of “Lucifer” will he be saved, and obviously (c) let’s above all deter him from understanding the real-truth and hand behind all of this whilst his interpretation of the coming events will be spiritual as opposed to SCIENTIFIC. And I have to say the manipulation techniques were extraordinary, startling at times, and very effective – but obviously not effective enough. The last core reason was that these beings need to rely on the HUMAN RACE to manipulate themselves, hence this is the EXACT REASON why I was being CONDITIONED to become a PROPHET of the COMING OF DAYS – albeit a false one at that. The true IRONY here, possibly the largest sense of irony throughout our entire existence, is that I certainly do have the opportunity to become a prophet – one that understands entirely what is to come and the real hand behind it. Let me repeat – these are NOT SPIRITUAL entities and are indeed ones of extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional origins that have been corrupting and manipulating man for 1000’s of years. To come to these revelations is a wonder never to have been anticipated, and as I stated before in my “Deep Thoughts” section – a revelations about the coming of REVELATIONS is the ultimate revelation – and irony.

So how could it be that a regular guy from a town in the Midwest could be conditioned to become a prophet – well I’m sure it’s the exact same method used to create other false prophets in the name of “god” throughout our existence.

First you need to instill a belief system – in which this case time and time again it was conditioned upon me based upon FEAR of Lucifer. I mean I never was presented with visions from “god” nor was I presented with a vision from our “messiah” – the closest I got to this was an obvious “see through” attempt at presenting “angels” manifesting through human hosts to provide guidance and protection. Now I’m not saying that I haven’t received guidance and protection from other entities as this is an ABSOLUTE. I won’t get into the details but plenty of times have I received messages to help me along my path and in addition it’s absolutely no coincidence that I was in a sense “hand picked” for this rather grueling & extraordinary task of spreading the truth, but strictly in a sense of manipulation as I have mentioned before these beings play both sides of the coin with the FULL INTENT to move a subject down a particular path. So let’s get into the details of how this was ALMOST achieved.

I have seen 1000’s of times the consciousness separated from our human body. It’s simply a fact and I can go into very specific detail with regard to my observations and speculations around how it is achieved. It’s simply a FACT at this point – if a consciousness can be projected into a human body or “machine”, then of course the 2 aspects are completely separate entities! Consciousness does not equal a brain – the brain is just a vehicle or compute for the consciousness to more or less run on, in which MULTIPLE forms of consciousness can actually run within a SINGLE brain. It’s flat out a fact, and this alone should provide you with the strength and faith that our consciousness exists in realms we couldn’t possibly understand within the limits of our physical reality. It also exists without requiring ANY physical aspect in this reality we are in, as if that were the case how could it be projected from one entity to another riding on different variations of “machinery”? It has no mass, it’s not tied to a bundle of atoms or anything like that – it exists in an entirely new form of energy we do not yet understand. But the important aspect is that our consciousness, soul, whatever you want to call it is a form of energy that can exist outside of our physical bodies. Quite profound and extraordinary to not only have experienced this firsthand but to have PROOF of its manifestation through the actions of these demonic entities.

Satan….er the Reptilians controls them, and why is the symbol of the snake and reptile a representation of Lucifer? Why are we being “transformed” into physical appearances that would make us look more “demonic” which happens to coincide with the accounts of the Reptilian entities? Pretty obvious don’t you think. This is what “Revelations” has been all about since its conception – to plant the possibility of the ”coming of days”, to instill fear based on the symbol of all evils in Lucifer, and to allow for this figure to take physical form in the representation of what we’ve been conditioned for this figure to “look like” – a Reptilian demon!

Why this “cycle” from angelic to demonic? Well speaking from my own experience this is truly how we can learn and appreciate what it means to be angelic, what it means to be seduced into the world of demonic, and ultimately what it means to rise above to express our true nature of humanity.

INSERT HERE IF NEEDED – being groomed to become a prophet

Again first was to present fear to the subject, and what better fear is there to present than fear of being judged and sentenced to eternal damnation with a guy in a red suit, horns, and a pitchfork? Scary as hell that’s for sure, pun intended.

INSERT HERE IF NEEDED – how they are going to try and pull this off – yes I have all the details - a Lucifer lead End of Days operational & technical PROJECT PLAN

Oh and did I mention I have such an accumulation of physical evidence I could make all of this information irrefutable?! I think I did mention that….

The Original Facebook Post – We’re being attacked through sound frequencies & patterns:

Through faith in god I have maintained the strength to endure. I need all of you to listen very carefully to me. I share a common bond with all of you & many of you know me to the core. The revelation I'm about to share with all of you takes the utmost of courage & through this courage should demonstrate my utmost conviction despite my internal struggles to reconcile these factual and very real experiences.

Those of you in Omaha - have you noticed a recent barrage of audible signals, amplified sounds, mufflers, trains, pattern-based bird calls all throughout the city at every hour of the night? For the past 4 weeks I have been noticing gradual physical changes to just about everyone, from teeth growing, becoming more crooked & jagged, pupils becoming more & more dilated & losing their round shape, skin on the face, neck, & arms, changes to bone structure in the forehead area, more pronounced veins & tendons, etc etc. These changes have been startling yet apparently oblivious to the people affected including myself until 4 weeks ago. At that moment I must have unknowingly broke away from this "spell" with a series of events documented, recorded, observed by others, yet the conclusion made is so "far-fetched" it requires a significant leap of faith by all of you to acknowledge.

These factual & witnessed experiences include a barrage of frequencies blasted at my house for weeks, automobiles, trucks, & planes following my every move blasting me with sounds. Military planes flying @ low altitude circling my house, blasting sound, and as of late blasting sound across all of Omaha. I have all of this recorded, including 6 military planes in a 30 min span yesterday as well as me being surrounded by vehicles blasting me with high & low frequencies.

The end result is that I too am showing these transformative features, observed by others, which include the following:

Obvious growth in multiple teeth, gradual changes to my skull appearing as multiple ridges forming from brow to hairline, gradual pupil dilation, obvious skin & swelling changes in my right arm which is now entirely water resistant, new veins that have formed in my forearm, etc.

It has been extremely difficult to reconcile why these physical changes are occurring & even worse the mental changes observed in individuals.

I have recorded multiple sounds including hard drive clicks, all kinds on different sounds, and most predominantly pattern based bird calls all over the city at all hours of the day. Interestingly enough my hard drive on my laptop has been clicking nonstop for at least 6 months & I never found it odd until now. Last night to try and drown out the noises I dug out a Homedics sound machine purchased 10 years ago and cycled through the sounds. I went to the jungle button & the exact same bird patterns appeared.

You need to listen - these patterns have been implanted in our products for decades, from hard drive clicks, to motor cycle sounds, to airplanes, to mufflers, to fan noises, to refrigerators, to just about every product on the market. I can only speculate that the intent was to get the population adjusted to these sounds and frequencies as normal. Now that they are being blasted we are desensitized to them. This has been an agenda in the works for decades.

Listen carefully - these frequencies are causing physical & mental changes in everyone. I have the symptoms myself acknowledged by all friends, colleagues, and family & despite all of the evidence it's difficult for about everyone to make this leap. Additionally these changes are making us susceptible to being hosted by other entities, as I have observed this hundreds of times. Yesterday I followed 3 individuals that were tailing me & upon following them they drove back to their homes, unaware that they were even following me; clear sign of being under some suggestive influence.

Whether these are demons or reptilian entities is still TBD, but the fact they rely on technology to invoke these changes could indicate they are some sort of advanced race with advanced capabilities. Research the Anunnaki, as they were documented by our earliest ancestors as creating humans as a genetic hybrid race for slave labor. Could it be that they are invoking suppressed genes by using frequencies to cause these changes to better control & manipulate the expanding human population?

Please do not dismiss this. I was told years ago to "write this down & tell the world". I chalked this up to a very spiritual event but did not realize the meaning until now.

This is for real & you need to protect, be self-determined, unite, and have faith. I couldn't possible have the imagination to make this stuff up. Look at the facts & draw Ur own conclusions. This is really happening & I need you all to share this and remember to protect yourselves from these beings mentally & from these frequencies. For love, for everyone, for my angels.

I suppose the areas of this story that are just too difficult to comprehend or “imagine” that they could be part of our “smoke screen” reality are the fact that an advanced-race, speculated as the Anunnaki, could be responsible for what is happening as well as the fact that using sound as a trigger they could invoke some sort of biological change within the human race. I know these concepts are very difficult to grasp and only through some CONSTANT experience, documenting the facts, researching the possibilities, and connecting the dots can both of these conclusions be reachable. As this is likely a sticking point for most let’s spend some time exploring both of these in more detail.

Who Could Be Behind All of This?

Well the options aren’t many but sure there could be a handful of explanations for what is happening but through deduction only one conclusion really makes sense:

1. Some supreme form of governmental power (i.e. the US & US Military)

2. Subject is experiencing insanity (it’s a truly insane point of view but yes unfortunately it is a conclusion one could draw)

3. Religious or spiritual experience (we are dealing with concepts that appear “supernatural” and otherworldly and this is actually a possibility I have explored fairly thoroughly)

4. “attack” or manipulation from some sort of advanced race of beings

o New infiltration from “the gods above”

o Pressing forward with an agenda of a pre-existing race

1. Some supreme form of governmental power (i.e. the US & US Military)

Could the Unites States or another form of government pull something like this off? Well in many ways if they have been keeping secrets away from the public in regards to technology capability well than yes, and the conclusion is that the US government obviously has a strong hand in this but based upon the experience they simply cannot be working alone. Interestingly enough exploring this in more detail actually ends up answering quite a few questions that simply haven’t made sense throughout history, such as why would our own government perform an attack on its own people during 9/11 (the answer as you’ll see is that it didn’t, at least not in the sense that it was CONTROLLED by our government). Same questions about why is oil in its gross abundance around the world (look it up) still perceived and managed as such a “scarcity”, funneling in trillions of dollars to the cartels in the Middle East, and why have the implementation of alternative fuel sources not been a priority?! I mean give me a break of course this dependency could have been broken decades ago if it were desired. The obvious answer is for money, power, and control -à scarcity = dependency = control, but as you’ll see below it’s not control being placed upon the population from any form of conventional government that we understand….

Sure some sort of government could likely accomplish much of what has been witnessed, documented, and recorded throughout this experience. Yes they could have been privy to the human genome and what could be unlocked within its genetic code; sure I suppose it’s even possibly that through decades of testing someone could have figured out a trigger, in this case sound, to cause mental & physical change in animals and subsequently humans. We already know that governments have been studying the effect of subconscious suggestion for decades and have been using it in modern-day society to control and manipulate the population – just take a look at the mainstream media for an obvious example. I suppose it’s even possible that through some form of telekinesis manipulation of emotion and bodily control/possession could be possible.

But again we’re talking 100 years of planning to carry out such a plot – ever since the “invention” of electric current. I mean these signals needed to be developed a century ago so that they could be incrementally placed throughout society. They question is whether before modern-day computing could something like this have been conceived. The quick answer and a very compelling one is NO – this scratched out the human-executed potential.

2. Insanity

Listen I’ll be the first to throw out that much of this story sounds insane. After all only after 5 straight weeks of personal experience, corroborating what I was experiencing with audio, video, and personal/physical documentary was I able to reconcile and without a doubt connect-the-dots; a “luxury” that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone (in which case I hope that I can “take one for the team!”). But you need to ask yourself who or what is it that has defined what our society views as sane vs. insane, within the realms of “reality” and outside the realms, what is imagination vs. scientific. If you simply look at the facts and perform some research you will come to the conclusion that so much of our ancient history has been covered up and modified, with a huge suppression effort being placed upon the scientific community should anyone raise very rational questions followed-up with compelling evidence to challenge the mainstream. Evolution is a POSTER CHILD which represents a mainstream scientific cover-up with such extraordinary leaps made in such a small amount of time, 100,000 years or less, to go from eating bananas in caves to building full civilizations with ancient monolithic structures, agriculture, animal domestication, farming, architecture, etc. Any of the modern-day scientists who repeatedly visit this unexplainable gap get labeled as being insane. Same could be said about the theories around other dimensions present within our existing universe in the form of parallel universes, which of course as insane as it was 50 years ago is accepted almost conclusively by modern days physicists. And then you need to start asking the questions why? If you were to take a look at the simply ridiculous theory with regard to how the Great Pyramid was built we actually accept as opposed to pointing out that what we’ve been told about it is what really sounds insane. Why is it that we’re so quick to accept the ridiculous and challenge something we really may not have any clue about?

To jump to a conclusion of insanity before performing any bit of research or looking at the facts demonstrates how “insane” & brainwashed our society has become. As I expressed prior in great detail there is just no basis of insanity present, nor have ANY of the factual accounts or mountains of physical evidence been REFUTED. Multiple assessments by medical staff, blood work, neurological scans, etc show absolutely NO indication of any form of delusional qualities exhibited; coupled with the fact that you have an extremely healthy, well-grounded, and successful individual in which if no conventional explanation can be provided perhaps the explanation is truly something that is UNCONVENTIONAL!

3. Religious or spiritual experience (we are dealing with concepts that appear “supernatural” and otherworldly and this is actually a possibility I have explored fairly thoroughly)

The religious aspect of this experience is certainly present and represents not only how extraordinarily tied to religion this experience is, but also in how deep the IRONY is that I have been able to come to the core level of truth that I have.

For a DECADE now I have had “chance” encounters with these beings, as stated before presumably to get “high” off of fear, sex, obsession, and other “reptilian” behaviors they would thrive off of while inside a human host, but I can also now speculate that because of this “resistance” to hypnosis and mental attacks I continue to maintain without any effort mind you (this is obviously not a coincidence), I have been targeted so that the extremely profound experiences, observations, and transformations I have been experiencing are interpreted as religious or spiritual events as opposed to scientific, and they were EXTREMELY close to having me fooled. I mean looking back on it first I was planted with fear of being judged, then planted with the idea that there was the possibility I could spend eternal damnation with a guy in a red suit and pitch-fork, then I was planted with “sin”, then I was planted repeatedly with the question of whether or not I would be “saved”, then I had encounters by “angels and demons” multiple times, literally some people actually “pretending” to be angels & demons which I have ON THE RECORD (of course in their minds they were performing this act somehow on my behalf); I had random people plant church on m multiple times while getting manipulated with energy; I’ve also had multiple “halo” effects during these episodes which of course can now be linked to simply spikes in voltage to increase the output of light radiating both indoors and outdoors (i.e. street lights).

I then witnessed “co-mingling” of these “angels & demons” multiple times as if they were strategizing together to determine my fate coupled with the use of TECHNOLOGY anomalies to perform this manipulation. This is actually when I started truly wondering what it is I was experiencing. I’ll give you a few examples:

· I have had search results manipulated in real-time so that one of the result sets (say in Google) in the lower portion would have some words planted in there for a subconscious or personal message.

· I’ve had the same experience on Facebook with a “quiz” posted about me which included very personal things in which I was later told verbally by a friend that they were “signs from god”

· I’ve had purchases fail in real-time, obviously the dozen or so attempts to purchase airfare using multiple financial instruments and multiple sites all failing, but in addition I’ve had iTunes fail for a friend trying to purchase a song on Apple TV during one of these episodes which for no other reason but to manipulate me into thinking that I had already “purchased” these very angelic songs and that I was not to be given another chance, or another purchase unless I cleaned my act up. I believe the exact message was “you have already purchased this song” which of course I hadn’t. All the while I was getting blasted with negative/constricting false energy which magically went away as soon as I “wisened” up in which my friend had the purchase finally go through followed up by a blast (from that very friend who was obviously being hosted) of extremely positive-warm energy.

· Last example I’ve experienced multiple times fans blasting me in public and only me in real-time, buzzers going off when I go through doors and only me going through doors when out in public, processing of transactions getting delayed to keep me in a certain position/location while I was to be continuously blasted, and on and on and on. Probably 100’s of these “coincidences” in an extremely short amount of time.

There are many more examples but when you combine these very PHYSICAL experiences with the fact that the means in which most of the extraordinary experiences are invoked through the use of technology (artificial halo effect, internet anomalies) not to mention the use of SOUND and other frequencies to invoke the mental, physical, and like as well the “possession” experiences and the conclusion seems very compelling that this is all physical related as opposed to spiritual. In fact other than the possession in which I’ve speculated that it is being performed in the same manner that wireless computing is exempt on a biological/genetic level, all of the experiences have taken place in the physical realm thus not leaving much doubt about the final conclusion.

4. Some sort of advanced intelligence or entities from another world/dimension

As bizarre as it sounds this is pretty much the only conclusion left to be made for the reasons stated above. This leaves one with the question is this being carried out by an advanced race that have RECENTLY discovered/visited the Earth, or is this executed by a race that has been here since our existence. Well we know that it must have taken decades if not centuries to plan these latest events leveraging modern-day technology & sub-conscious suggestion, but could this have been seeded far long ago and the answer most definitely points to YES.

I mean to invoke genetic or biological changes leveraging sound of all things. You would have to have intimate knowledge of the human genome, and on top of that you would in all likelihood needed to have PLANTED these genetic qualities INTO the human genome upon its creation. Sure we have a lot of “junk” DNA inside us, which should be apparent that not nearly everything we thought or have been told was “junk” is indeed the case.

Also let’s just ask the prior human generation what they think, and the prior one of that, leaping all the way back as far as we can go starting with our earliest ancestors and the creation of civilization starting in Samaria and expanding outward through Europe, Asia, and Africa. All of the earliest civilizations refer to and have documented “gods descending from the heavens interbreeding with the daughters of man”. In fact this is the primary basis of modern-day religion. But looking deeper there is an absolutely astonishing story by our earliest ancestors who documented that an advanced race of beings named the Anunnaki, evolving advanced-intelligence from a reptilian strain from a planet called Nibiru within our very own Solar System, in which after damaging their atmosphere via the use of nuclear weaponry they were in need of finding gold as a raw material to remedy the situation. This led to the discovery (or rediscovery) of Earth in which after locating an abundance of gold humans were genetically engineered as a slave race to perform the gathering of raw materials & resources for them (I have to wonder if 1000’s of years later if much as really changed!).

Again it’s a fascinating “story” and to me the most plausible in terms of all of the many stories out there with regard to the creation of man, but if you perform some deeper research you uncover a wealth of physical evidence (I mean how can an ancient civilization map out not only our entire solar system but flight paths from planet Nibiru to Earth?) and also extreme parallels spreading from the Zulu tribes to the Hindu religions and so on and so forth. In fact these epic tales of creation span 1000’s of years and only with the “creation” of modern-day religions have these concepts been lost throughout our history. But even if you look at recent accounts the fact is there are 100,000’s if not 1,000,000’s of people who have had experiences similar as mine, documenting their accounts which as astonishing as it is match very closely to mine. Others throughout the years have described the physical characteristics of this race and I have to say just about ALL of the historical depictions match precisely with the physical anomalies I have been witnessing all over the place; thus there is an EXTREMELY STRONG conclusion based upon historical & recent accounts of these beings that they are indeed the ANUNNAKI, and if that is the case they have not only been here since our existence but likely held a huge hand in creating our existence while playing the human race as fools all along since day one.

I will be including part II if I continue to be manipulated (i.e. at Costco)….

Who are the Anunnaki?

· Sons of the Gods interbreeding with the daughters of man

Drugs – the gateway into the mind

Cannabis - the instant “inter-dimensional” transmitter & susceptibility to Type-A hosting by the Anunnaki

Methamphetamine – physical transformation chalked up to things like “poor hygiene”, grinding of the teeth, dehydration, lack of sleep. All likely relevant but after recent observations in a handful of meth addicts they are all taking on what appears to be a much more rapid onset of many of the physical characteristics


Other street / pharmaceutical drugs

“A few can only control the many when the many are manipulated to control themselves” – David Icke

“If you are saying things that are beyond the capacity of the Mind to understand, you must, by definition, be insane and not in a ‘normal mental state’” – David Icke

What class statements from Mr. Icke - I mean how difficult is it to suppress information when we are the ones doing it to each other? How difficult is it to label someone as “insane” when we do it to each other for no valid reason or without looking at the facts or performing any bit research? It wasn’t the Anunnaki who has suppressed me the most it is SOCIETY. It isn’t the Anunnaki who jumped to label me with drugs, mentally ill, insane, neurological issue, etc it was YOU. I don’t blame you as I may have fallen into the same mix but an awakening is happening – do with the information as you see fit.

Scarcity = dependency = control – David Icke

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  1. There's a device these entities HATE and it's called a CES in the US. They're not that expensive and you're spot on regarding their existence. They seem to have a harder time with white people for some reason and therefore have the desire to exterminate them. See this on "My Homes Still Unwound and Exposed."

    I'm Unoraza, btw, and hope you're doing better! That's some strange sh*t up there you've written; I can "see " them when hugging people that have them inside and they SUCK energy! I'd LOVE to chat, are you in the states?

  2. "Why this “cycle” from angelic to demonic? "

    My blog is DragonsPaw.blogspot.com
    Drop a message there as you helped me figure out why they want to get rid of the white! Muchas Gracias! (See John Lash's and my evidence! You rock!